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Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School Reviews

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I loved my experience at JFK. I never had a bad experience with a teacher, as all are dedicated to each student's success. It's a welcoming environment with a wide variety of extracurricular activities.
It was overall a great one. It is a very nice school. Teachers were lovely and helped a lot. The cafeteria food was better than what I had in my previous school. Diversity was fairly good, but then again it depends on the area. Academics and sports are great and competitive. School spirit is great.
This High School is an amazing place to get an education. There are so many opportunities to take different classes and there are so many clubs to get involved in. I've had such a great experience so far. The teachers are amazing and are there to help you
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I really enjoyed my time at the school. Most of the teachers and the Guidance Counselors really took an interest in their students. There were loads of activities to do at school and you could really be kept busy at all times. There were many remedial classes to help students who were having a problem with the classes. Parents really took an interest in the school activities which made it very beneficial to the students attending the school. The school was kept very clean and the security was very good. I feel that the school was a very good foundation for me now that I will be entering College. I will miss JFK and the friends that I have made their and hope to visit the school often when I am in the neighborhood.
This is my first year going there and it’s pretty nice. All I have to say negitive is getting from chorus to math. I’m almost always late.
The school is pretty good school. It's almost amazing, but the connection between what students want the school to implement and what actually happens is very weak.
Great school, with excellent opportunities and faculties. The classes can be scheduled accordingly to the student's interest, so I always had a class I looked forward to. And as a student who struggled in some of my classes, I can most certainly say that the teachers are very willing to help. Additionally, people here are generally quite friendly and devoted.
Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School is a great place to attend to prepare yourself for college and higher education. The teachers at this school are all willing to do all they can to prepare you for your later life. I would recommend attending this school to anyone in the area.
The community is great and very supportive. I enjoy the time I spend at school especially at clubs and activities that show school spirit like Battles of the Classes Week.
I can’t deny that unbiasedly, this school is a hidden gem. The fact that this school hasn’t been at the center of some limelight is dumbfounding. The academics are challenging and rewarding the staff are unparalleled and there are endless clubs and activities for the students. Safety is a priority and I feel free to study and wander around campus. I can go on and on, but the home of the hawks speaks for itself on a multitude of levels.
POBJFKHS is an excellent academic school. As a student frequently on the honors and AP track, I feel as though I was never held back by the school and always encouraged to maximize my potential. That said, the guidance department and administration, although full of kind and wonderful people, has its pitfalls. These groups often make decisions that backfire at the expense of students and parents, from poor communication and involvement to an alteration of the schoolwide testing schedule on which students were not consulted. Overall, however, this is an excellent school.
I loved everything about my high school. It had such a great atmosphere, the administration was amazing, i loved all my teachers, i love my friends, i made so many more friends and met so many people. I was involved in many clubs and sports and i wouldn't change a thing about my high school experience.
Throughout my four years at POBJFKHS I can attest that the teachers are amazing and scholarly people striving to better the community and provide the best materials for their students. The majority of students here are focused individuals. This can make the student body quite competitive, however this does not seem like a detriment to me. I believe it only enhances the schools atmosphere to include knowable and worldly students who are most defiantly prepared for college.
Decently diverse district, people are generally friendly, however there are not as many options to get involved with national social justice events which is desired by the students.
The main reason I moved to the town of Plainview was for its valuable education and the commitment to education that the administration and teachers have. I have truly seen this commitment throughout my time here. All the staff at POBCSD are continuously rooting for you and making sure you strive to achieve your best. My education at POBCSD has also allowed me to become more actively involved with my community and give back to the community that has nurtured me and raised me to achieve my best. I highly recommend this school district for anyone that wants to achieve personal growth and success.
In this school, I either had exceptional teachers or people who shouldn't even have that title. I was very involved with the choir and drama program. The teachers in these programs went above and beyond in everyday imaginable. I love this school. The administration is very much for the students for the most part. The guidance department really knows what they are doing.
Love attending this school. Teachers are very nice and helpful. They really ensure you are on the right track.
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The teaching staff is completely dedicated to the education of there students and are always available for extra help to truly help students understand the curriculum if they begin to struggle. I'd like to see an improvement in the substitute staff, days of teacher absences are completely wasteful as of now due to this problem.
Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School offers so many opportunities and classes to choose from. There are so many extracurriculars to choose from to further your academic experience.
Plainview Old-Bethpage school district needs to have less involvement of parents in student run activities. The school itself has great facilities and dedicated teachers who are determined to make sure the students are fully prepared to enter the world.
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