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I enjoyed the personal relationships students are able to build with teachers, and how any student can get help with their classes from any of their teachers. However, I would like to see a change in how students are treated by higher level faculty (counselors, assistant principals, etc.).
Plainview High School is mediocre at best. The atmosphere is unwelcoming, but the staff is always willing to lend a hand to help you feel more accepted. I would change the lack of participation within the veins of the school.
Plainview High School is a very big high school with several student groups and organizations. They are a very good high school in the Plainview area. The school is very diverse and has some good teachers. I would like to see that the teachers are all trained on safety and bullying. The athletic program is good, however the student trainers don't have a stable athletic trainer to teach them. This means that students have to learn new techniques on how to help the student athletes each year. The students are allowed to choose their own schedules and they don't always have the right classes selected for each year. The band program is a very big and allows all students to participate. The Plainview High band is very well known because they have several number 1 scorings.
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While attending Plainview High School i enjoyed the continues efforts made by the staff members to upkeep the school spirit while also encouraging us to attending a college of our choice. Although staff members encouraged us to pursue a high education when it came down to it there was no real guidance. Yes or course we had tons of meetings with college recruiters and millions of lectures on what all degrees are possible at varies colleges and universities but there was still many unanswered question such as "what to do if you get denied my FAFSA?", "How do I apply for scholarships?", "How do I find out if my credits will transfer to another school?". Anytime these questions were asked to any guidance counselor or administrator they would go unanswered and brushed off as though they were not important.
My highschool experience wasn't the greatest but not the worst, I tended to stick to my self, but one good thing I can say is when there was a issue the school was always the one to resolve any problems. I would change how the school worked, if teachers didn't look as dead or tired and was more involved and then more students would pay more attention, the school is a little focused on the wrong things rather then how the students are learning, student learn at different levels and maybe take more concern on ways to improve on different ways to teach it to students, not saying the teacher don't know how teach but the way they approach there teaching for example instead of sounding auto-toned everyday encourage your tone to be me more up lifting.
I like how most of the teachers are involved with the students and care for each one personally and help them grow to be better and more educated young adults. They want to see us succeed and become the best we can be. While pushing us to our full potential, they are also careful to understand our limits and not push us to where we cannot handle anymore. Yes, sometimes are hard and we, the students must strive and push through to finish, but most teachers understand we are only humans and make mistakes just as they do sometimes.
My experience was okay the teachers were extraordinary the students kept to themselves .but they are nice and helpful with directions, School work,etc. the thing that i think should be changed is not only for the school i went to but to all schools in general i think school system's should make summer schooling online at home so poeple can do it on their computers and what not its just gives the student to have more freedom and just relax and do the course at home and have a break from the teachers
I enjoyed my experience at Plainview High Schools all four years, but there's definitely a need for improvement in not just approach to the students but teacher approaches. Students are kind of apathetic and divided, while teachers make no effort to remedy that. In fact, a lot of teachers make it worse by showing a lack of enthusiasm for their jobs and a lack of interest in getting to know the students. There are a handful that work hard to educate their students and love their jobs, but they're a minority at the school. In terms of facilities and resources, things have gotten better, but some places in the school still need improvement.
Plainview is an excellent school! They never fail to keep the students involved, in the classroom and outside of the classroom! PHS is a very spirited school, they have tons of school spirit, and make sure they give the best education to their students.
My experience at the high was wonderful. I learned a lot and teachers were really helpful when applying for colleges. They have amazing academic programs and extraordinary sports. There nothing to change because I know next time I visit my high school they are going to have something new every time. Alos, the long-lasting friends I made throughout my four years of school.
Plainview High has it's advantages and disadvantages but I do enjoy the teachers. The majority of the teachers there care for the well being of most of the students and try there best to push us to do our best. On the downside, the majority of the students body is made up of students who don't come from the best of backgrounds and are known to get into serious trouble. On the plus side, the Pre-AP and AP classes are made up if some of the best students varying in different activities. The school also has an amazing band program home to the Plainview Marching Band, the state record holders of 80 first divisions. I enjoy my school and I defiantly have high regards towards my teachers.
Plainview High school has a great English department that prepares you for college and there are multiple options for receiving college credits through Wayland Baptist University!
The overall environment of Plainview High is very boring and or basic, it is the people that give the school life. Every school has its clicks but I would say that our school associated very well with eachother.
It was the schools extracurricular activities that brought the school together. The schools band program consisted with a yearly 300+ members, the band was a family, the family atmosphere the band kids were produced eventually transferred into the highschool. The teachers were very nice and genuine, they were not afraid to tell you things up front due to the fact that we were in highschool, they were preparing us for the next chapter in life called college. One thing I would change about the school would be the favoritism towards specific extra curricular activities. For example, the school would favor the football team over the DECA chapter, even though DECA annual sent 6+ groups to compete at state where as the football team would barely make it to play offs each year.
I have really enjoyed Plainview High School throughout the past four years due to the experiences it has provided and the knowledge I have gained. No school is perfect, but my school has been good since I've been here.
The subjects are very interesting although I do have some difficulty understanding with the way some teaches. I especially enjoy my ceremics class and hope to continue in it for the rest of my high school.
The school is good and I've really enjoyed getting my high school education here because of the great teachers and staff.
Most of the teachers at my high school are very supportive of the students and helping us to go to college. They teach in a variety of ways to make sure that every student understands the curriculum. Our school motto is that all students are "college bound." Grading is very consistent because they tell us in the beginning of the year what they expect. Overall, our school has very knowledgeable and supportive teachers that care about their students education.
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We have plenty of posters up around the school that stress the importance of health and safety, thanks to our student council. Our school also has certain days, such as Red Ribbon Week, where the school participates in dressing up to stop the use of drugs, alcohol, etc. My high school is also very strict about the use illegal substances and sexual activities.

The reason I gave the school three stars is because even though they work hard to teach the students about the consequences to living an unhealthy life, the student body never participates in school activities or pays any mind to the posters our staff works hard to make.

In do so, the students never learn and never change.
The envolvement of students is very unusual in the sense that its not often that you see such a large group of individuals take part in each others lives and give acceptance no matter what you believe in or who you're attracted to. Everyone supports everyone else here no real signs of peer pressure.
Our school is good about keeping it's students safe most of the schools' doors that lead out are electronic and lock when needed other doors are only accessed but school staff. While our school nurse is only there every so often the school is efficient of notifying the parents. We also have two police officers that keep watch over the school. And every now and then they do a drug dog sweep they handle the situations professionally when they do them too. We also have a crimestoppers club that work with people to help stop any acts that could be dangerous to students so I feel pretty safe when im at school.
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