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The staff at the school do a great job of supporting the students. The staff also does a good job of preparing students for college and improving ACT scores. The campus is well laid out and has had recent upgrades.
My experience at Plainview High School has been one of growth. I've been shaped and changed by the terrific teaching staff that care more about you as a person that just your education. I've grown from an immature freshman, to a senior leader.
I would have been better off at a "worse" school rather than have to deal with the insane amount of bullying that went on at Plainview. This school should have gotten an F for diversity, nearly everyone is white and pretending they are super well off. Anyone who deviates from this is a target. Imagine a school full of aggressive stupid bougie rednecks. The admins and counselors certainly don't give a damn about you unless you're a loudmouthed slackjawed yokel athlete and your parents are buddies. If your parents go to church with everyone else they can get away with any sort of abuse they want; no one at Plainview wants to rock the boat against another "good" Christian!

Seriously, eff this place.
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The diversity there was very low. I was 1 out of 5 Indian students that attended plainview high school even though plainview high school has at least 4 or 5 international students attending every year. The staff was nice, if you asked for help they would certainly help you. Although I had some problems with the counselor, because I was a transfer student I had to make sure all my credits were transferred. When ever I would go try to find her in her office when I didn't have class or I had a lunch break she was never there, and none of the office staff knew where she was and just opted to say she was on a lunch break. Even when I would try to look for her at her office after school she would be the first person to leave. It was very hard to see her face to ace, because I couldn't miss any of my classes to see her. She, as a counselor should have been in her office during lunch or after school so that it was continent for students to find her and talk to her about their academics.
I have attended Plainview all my life and I can't see myself anywhere else.
I have been blessed to attend Plainview High School. The teachers here are amazing and they really connect with the students on a personal level.
The health and safety policies at Plainview are excellent.
There are a multitude of extracurricular opportunities at Plainview.
My overall experience at Plainview High School was great.
The teachers at Plainview High School are excellent. I would recommend going there to anyone.
It's a great school in academics but lacks diversity
The teachers teach good but they aren't very clear on what they want in their assignments
Almost all of the teachers go above and beyond helping their students. The teachers make sure the students are learning even if that means changing teaching styles or teaching differently. They are extremely smart and make sure every student is learning.
The education is well worth it, but most everything is a popularity contest. Most of the surrounding area schools since they are attached to a town have a community feeling. They do everything together. They have parades for making state, pep rallies for EVERY sport, and almost everybody is your friend. We are kind of individualized, and separated into the categories we are in. Typical high school.
Everyone gets along and is friend! We are a very spirited and friendly school!
Plainview is a very strict school! No rules are too be broken and even so punishment of some sort is a for sure.
The best teachers ever!! The only teachers I know that make leaning fun. They ask work hard to make complex things simple to learn and they make the students feel so goods about themselves! I loved ask my teachers and so proud to show others what I have learned from them.
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There are many sport options at Plainview high school and all are expected to push past your limits and be the absolute best that you can be!
There are many extracurricular opportunities such as beta, FCA, fccla, sports, choir, and so on! All which are very encouraged by teachers.
High school completely prepared me for college! With great education and the higher grading scale I expect more out of myself unlike most.
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