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Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School Reviews

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I really liked my high school but the facilities are not good at all. The community is very into sports which can be good or bad. Most teachers are outstanding and will do anything for you but there are some teachers that don’t really teach and are just there to be coaches. Overall I really enjoyed my high school experience. Everyone knows everyone which is nice.
A nice small town school that allows you to get to know your peers and become close, making it hard to leave.
Very caring teachers who are always willing to help you. The cafeteria food isn’t very good. Like a lot of high schools, the main emphasis for extracurricular is athletics, and the arts don’t get as much appreciation.
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Plainview-Elgin-Millville is an exceptional high school. The staff and teachers are excellent and care about student success. The state of the main building is average and renovation could prove to be beneficial. Certain rooms in the building itself as well as various pieces of equipment are in poor condition. However, the community is working on updating the areas of the high school in need of improvement.
A few of the teachers at PEM are very caring and will do anything to help their students achieve success. The other few seem to be teaching because they enjoy the high school drama and put their noises in it, instead of helping fix the situation.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of my school, everyone is friendly and all of the teachers are very interested in the students success both in high school and in life. They care a lot and go out of their way to make sure that you succeed
My overall experience at Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School was very good. There is not many things I would want to change about the school. One of my favorite things about PEM was the size. I loved being able to get to know each one of my teachers and peers. The involvement of the teachers was huge. They would go above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed to succeed. PEM was more than just academics, I was given a well rounded education that allowed me to succeed greatly. I also enjoyed how involved our school was with the community. Being a part of Minnesota Honor Society showed me how much our school appreciates the surrounding communities. Student Council was one of my favorite activities that I participated in. I loved the group of people and the work that we did together. Student Council allowed me to be a part of many events and activities. Between the groups and activities I participated in, I stayed busy and very much enjoyed my 4 years of highschool at PEM.
I really enjoyed my time at PEM. I was a little disappointed that they were more focused on sports than their academics or preparing you for the real world past high school.
It's a pretty average high school. There are few teachers that truly left an impression on me. They focus more on sports than the arts.
The school is very athletics-based, and I think it should put more money towards arts and education. However, the teachers and staff are very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.
This school offers sufficient health and safety opportunities and precautions. There are regular drills and lock-downs. A schools nurse is always on hand, and an athletic trainer is available on a regular basis.
This school offers a very wide variety of extra curricular activities, both athletic and not. Most students are involved in many activities. Most activities get sufficient funding, community support, and administrative support.
This school is unique in that it offers the opportunity to graduate with a certificate in your intended career field. There are many opportunities at this school for career exploration, and there is always faculty available to help students explore their options for the future.
The teachers at this school are great with students and have passion for what they do. The teachers are able to engage their students and unlock potential in each student. Overall the teachers are fantastic at their jobs and go above and beyond to help students succeed.
I would not chose the school I attended again due to there being too much student favoritism mostly with athletes. Our education is very average but it was overall a good education experience
The teachers were okay for the most part, but some are just too focused on sports and coaching than teaching in the classroom and making sure students understand the material and are able to pass with good grades. There isn't really any funding for art and music classes or extra curricular type of things like musicals and concerts. There is some bullying towards people who are different from the normal image.
We have a great school that punishes kids in the area of privileges when they are not doing things to the best of their ability or misbehaving in any way.
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There are certain things that my school does not have. Though we recently got a new Track and our football field is good too. I think everything that intertwines with sports is in good condition and I am proud of our sports program.
The teachers at my school go above and beyond to make sure that my peers and I succeed. They are available outside of class, before, and after school as well as during the school day. If I am having trouble understanding something and don't have time or don't feel comfortable talking to the teacher during the class time, I can go in to their room to meet with them when it works best for me.
We have many different clubs at my high school. We have Math League, Knowledge Bowl, Prism, and many others. I, myself, have participated in Math League with a couple of my friends and I had a lot of fun doing so. I have friends and cousins that have participated in either Knowledge Bowl and Prism. Prism is a group at our school that is against bullying and helps to tr to stop it. There are many other types of clubs as well, such as trap-shooting. We are small school surrounded by many areas where we can go hunting for whitetail deer, squirrels, raccoons, and many other animals, and I think that the trap-shooting club helps with aim when out hunting.
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