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The amount of cliques was insane in my time there as a student. As for the teachers, I only trusted a couple because they had a bad habit of sharing private information among other teachers for the sake of "prayers". In my last 2 years there I felt a very racist vibe from a few of the teachers and few students. Many of the students and faculty seem like they've never seen a minority in their lives either. Also, as mentioned in other comments, there is a bullying problem; particularly toward homosexual students. Also if your child is homosexual, don't consider this school. All faculty is very homophobic. The only subject they were fair at teaching was math and a little science. However some teachers have left since I graduated, so it's probably worse now.
The teacher truly care about their students. They will give up there lunch or lose an extra hour of sleep to help you with something. Most of the students are divided into cliques, but we all know each other because of the size of the school. I would've given PCA a 3/5, but the bullying problem going on with the seventh through ninth grade classes is insane. I'm gonna be a senior this year, and I hope to see it stop or at least die down before I leave.
The environment is dominated by cliques and tight-knit groups of friends. Many of the students are prideful and disrespectful. The cafeteria food is very good. Many, if not all, of the teachers are extremely friendly and encourage personal relationships. Small class sizes made for great group learning exercises and a more lenient atmosphere.
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not really much security besides locked doors
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