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There are not any organizations for Jr. High. Plains has sports and UIL. However, government organizations, Jr. High Student Councils, Reading Clubs would all be great assets for Jr. High students.
There are sports for Jr. High kids in 7th and 8th grades. 5th & 6th do not have sports. The fitness regime is good and adequately prepares students for sports in the two higher grades.
There are some great teachers at Plains Jr. High. However, they have just as many bad teachers. Teachers who drag in their personal problems, who throw books in class, teachers who yell and bully the students. The few who are great make the students lives bearable by working hard and making their classes interesting. However, the negativity in the school is unsurmountable when teachers contribute to students bullying.
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Teachers request parent involvement but there is no PTA. There is a guidance counselor for HS who is not usually available for middle school students. There is a complete lack of college prep resources. The students are not given information about college at all. Technology is excellent. The students "rent" an apple laptop. However, the tech person is often unavailable to fix students computers when there is a problem.
Bullying, peer pressure, lack of administrative control, HIGH administrative turnover, lack of diversity, lack of educational opportunities, and lack of upward encouragement (ex: speaking about colleges to students, testing, career paths, etc) Everything is focused on state testing. No administrator has yet been able to come into the Jr. High and fix the problems it has. They've all left after a year.
There is a big population of Hispanic students. They often feel like second class citizens when things go wrong. Everyone loves them when they are doing great with sports or academically, but if something comes up, they are attacked. For example a white female sent inappropriate pictures of herself to Hispanic boys. The boys were punished she was not. They threatened the boys parents with a criminal record if they refused to allow the school to put the boys in ISS, even the boys who did not disseminate the pictures when they were received via text. Peer pressure is bad as well. Students have been caught handing out and taking pills.
The bullying in middle school is out of control. Even the teachers have been known to humiliate students. There is no accountability. Although there are signs around the school regarding bullying and what you should do, students are discouraged from reporting by the actions of teachers and the principal during the time my child was there. When children reported teacher problems, they were swept under the rug and retaliated against. My nephew is now there and is bullied daily. He has gotten to where he feels sick going to school. Although its been reported and the issue is important, he doesn't have the support from teachers he needs. Kids know then can pick on him and brag about it to other students. Students are in fear of reporting teacher problems based on past students experiences.
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