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Plains is a small town where everybody knows everyone. I love it that all your teachers are involved in your life and truly care about you. The best thing is that they'll even go out of their way just to help you with yours.
Plains ISD may seem like any other ordinary small town school, but it is the exact opposite. In the past couple of years we have undergone many changes: new teachers, new board members, and even a new building. But throughout all of this the focus remained on the students and our education. Many of us thought that while the board was busy making executive decisions, our education would suffer from lack of attention. However, much to our surprise, the teachers became our greatest allies and helped us stay on top of all our studies. Other than the education, the best part of Plains ISD is the sense of togetherness. If one of us goes down, every single person helps them get back up. The loyalty and support given by the amazing staff and students is astounding. As a senior, I am fully prepared to head to college and thrive both academically and socially thanks to Plains ISD.
When I first came to this school, I hated it. The bullying in this school is horrible and not just by the students but also by the teachers. Some of the teachers are great and some have the saying that I don't care if you pass or not I will still have a job. But I can say this, because of what I have had to endure from this school it has driven me to be the best I can be and no matter what the situation may be to always treat people with respect. The experience at this school has driven me harder to graduate early and to get a jump on my college career.
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Plains ISD is a great school. It offers students opportunities that bigger schools or less fortunate schools can't afford. Everybody knows everybody and that is what makes it more memorable. School events are fun and I would choose this school over the others.
Student Council has done many sketches over bullying and have given cards with a bully hotline. We are given locks to put onto our lockers, and we have our own key cards to enter the main high school entrance. The police are a short call away with the push of a button in the main office. The nurse does an exceptional job with handling the entire schools health issues.
Our girl's basketball team recently won the Texas 1A-D1 Championship, there is a new gym being built for next year, the volleyball program has gone farther in the playoffs this year than in recent years, and all sports are doing quite well. The small community of Plains Tx has been a great support of Cowboy/Cowgirl Athletics.
It is a small school, so there are not many options for extracurricular opportunities besides sports, but whatever there is there is a fair amount of involvement.
We have one of the best staffs any student could ask for. Even though sometimes it feels like they are overbearing, they are just trying to get the best out of us. Our principle is very involved, our counselor helps us as much as she can, and our teachers care about the students. They enforce every code and uphold our policies here at Plains High School.
Plains High School is a very accepting school. All the kids get along with the other kids. It is very nice.
My school is awesome! They are state of the art and very supportive. We compete extremely well in academics and have won the One Act Play state championship back to back and are looking forward to a third trip. I have been honored with All-Star Cast. Its a great place to grow up and our community is very supportive.
The food is very blah and not much variety. Wednesdays are always hamburgers since I was in Kindergarden. High school students have the option to eat off campus and most of us do.
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