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I liked the teachers and the classes the most. What I did not like about the school is the fact that the do not have clubs for people who like science or people who believe in gay rights.
It's an excellent place to learn! The teachers are caring and want to see the best for you and push you further every day.
I have attended Plains School since I was 8 and I couldn’t ask for a better environment and education! The facility becomes your family and they help you to achieve your education goals. I participated in sports during my high school career and became a better student/person for it. We are a very small town and an even smaller school, but you would never know it by how big our hearts are and how much we care for one another! I love my school!
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Plains is a small school that allows for you to have a personalized education. The teachers are always willing to help you with any problems you have. It is a beautiful place to go to school.
When I went to high school twenty years ago there were a lot of controversial problems. If you wrent goog at sports you were not poular. One of the punishments for bad behavior was saterday school, I did not agree with that, My guidance councilor was very helpful for me and he cared about me.
Our school had very good team spirit and all the teammates helped and supported each other. There were a lot of students involved in team sports. We had a very good gym and weight room. The whole town looked forward to the sporting events.
I like visual learning and a lot of my teachers taught that way. All my teachers were very nice and supportive. The teachers were interested in how we were doing academicly and how are social life was going.
Where I went to school it was a real small scool, their wasn't much to offer. High school sports was a big thing in my town. I was in the high school play every year that was a lot of fun. The biggest event of the year was the homecoming parade.
I am now enrolled in college I am forty three years old. I have a disability but im not going yo let that get in the way of graduating fron school with a business degree. I feel confiident that my dream of becoming a business woman will come trou.
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