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What I liked about Plainfield South is the hard work of our teachers. Most of the teachers there strived to prepare us for the future as well as making our time in high school memorable. I wish the community of students was stronger than it was when I attended Plainfield South High School.
It's a school that focuses very highly on having a good atmosphere, but lacks academic preparedness. It's like a parent who tries to be cool so they don't expect anything of their kid. In addition, the art department has almost no funding, and neither does anything, really, outside of football. The students and most teachers are cool, though.
My experience with the school has been a really good one, but like with all things, it was never perfect. The staff is great and attentive, but certain teachers don't put as much attention into giving a quality education to their students as others do. A lack in communication between students and staff regarding the schedule of the school's College Career Center is also fairly lackluster, and nothing short of an inconvenience for students with little time to research colleges and scholarships at home.
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My experience being a Plainfield south student so far has been quite horrible in my opinion. The women at the front desk are often rude and act as if they don’t want to help you, as far as college readiness and resources, the school does not have any “open to use” areas to do college research. We have a college career center that is open on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays but in my experience I have tried to go there on more than one occasion where the center was closed, the staff members do not notify students of their schedules which waste students time for lunch and study hall because that is when the center is open. As far as my experience with teachers, most of them are very friendly and want you to do well but then others will completely stop and end class if they get mad or irritated. This cuts other students learning experience short and is not a good look for the teachers. In conclusion, I would not recommend this school at all.
Overall, it's a good school. It's big enough to handle a lot of students from different walks of life but small enough that mostly everyone knows each other.
I had an okay time at Plainfield south. I loved the track team and the sports that were available. I also enjoyed the art classes, because I was able to express myself. But I feel the school made a poor decision when it came to changing the math curriculum. It only benefited the lower-classmen and incoming freshmen. This was a poor decision do to the fact that the upper-classmen had already become accustomed to the older method of teaching of Math.
This highschool is a very involved school. Every student is ready to better themselves and learn. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and hold different beliefs and each and every one is respected. This school has great spirit and heart. I am very proud to have graduated from this school. I was quite involved in many different clubs and activities. Being around my peers has made me Into a better person.
Plainfield South High School was a good school! Teachers, students, and learning environment were good! My four years at the school went smoothly and I graduated feeling ready for college.
I did like how the school did have a sense of community by hosting many different events for students to attend. However, I would say that I would have liked if they provided more hands-on academics. I felt like some teachers did not appropriately indulge in their students work ethics to help them move forward. Otherwise, it's a great school.
High School was a roller coaster experience for me. I transferred to Plainfield South from Joliet West. The atmosphere is different, being a mostly Caucasian school. Compared to Joliet West, which had mostly African American and Mexican students. I found my group to stay close to early on in my first year. I kept touch with these people throughout my four years. I lost most of my connections in the end as I developed self-destructive behavior at the end of high school. I couldn't wait for school to be over. It felt like torture being there for my last month. Overall it was an okay experience, would not recommend.
I felt that my high school experience at Plainfield south high school was very average. While I was provided with some challenging courses, I felt that other subjects were lacking in material. The school was also lacking in better counselor guidance for college readiness, such as guiding us in deciding what is the next best step after high school, applying for colleges and scholarships, and entering the work-force. I also felt they should promote more clubs and inclusivity.
What I liked most about Plainfield South is the friends that I met and the teachers who helped me!! Cougars are the best!
Plainfield south will always be a piece of me, in fact I consider the staff and all of my fellow classmates to be family. I know I will always have a home there because of how warming and welcoming the environment was.
Some of the teachers don’t really care or don’t really know what they’re talking about but the athletics are very good and clubs are very inclusive.
I liked the faculty of the AP and honors classes but for some regular classes, especially for underclassmen, the teachers seemed not to care. The athletic programs were well run by passionate coaches. The counselors were very helpful and made an effort to personal know each of there students. The school isn't always fair in how lenient they are towards certain students and not for others. The student body as a whole is divided.
I liked my teachers that I had and going to the football games as well as prom and homecoming dances. I wish the school wasn’t so strict on the dress code because we basically couldn’t wear anything summer clothes when it was hot.
For my 3 years so far at Plainfield South High School, I have had a very strong feeling of being cared about. Almost all my teachers have been very kind and caring. They are willing to stay after school to help anyone who needs an extra push to get their grades to where they want them to be. Yet, I always felt like the clubs were lacking. I joined student council expecting to help make a difference in how school events would work, or maybe even run for a class officer. But I was very disappointed every Monday because it felt like we had no money to do any of that.
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Some of the teachers I met in my four years at PSHS made my experience so much better. I met amazing friends who soon became like family.
The school is diverse and each teacher has a different way to teach which makes it easy for students to learn and comprehend. The environment is fun, safe, and the teachers are very involved with the lives of their students.
Plainfield south provides staff that want the best for their students. Many teachers seem to love what they do and will provide their time to help students like me. The school also gives many opportunities in regards to events to be involved .
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