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Plainfield South was a very good school to continue my educational career. All of my teachers were very supportive and helped me with anything I struggled with or needed. I have been apart of the athletic program all 4 years and have enjoyed every bit of it. I was on the Dance team and I always felt involved with the school, and enjoyed meeting some of my best friends. This school has greatly impacted my life.
Preparing students for the SAT are something that we didn't get a lot of practice help with. The counselors didn't help with giving me classes that are harder and can help with college.
I spent four years in And attendance sent and during that time I have seen the curriculum change on multiple occasions due to the fact that the school funding Is low, and it is affect students test scores and grades
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Plainfield south is an okay school. We’re very good in bowling and wrestling. The teachers don’t truly care about your future just about getting their job done.
My experience in high school was good. I met friends, became involved and enjoyed the football games. I also enjoyed my academics. I took honors and AP courses and I felt very challenged. With that being said, I do not think the material I learned in school prepared me for college, but the determination and work ethic I developed in high school will prepare me for college.
My experience at Plainfield South High School was ordinary. I was involved with sports and activities, yet the environment was never exciting, besides homecoming week. It's just like any other suburban school in the midwest.
Plainfield South is a great school because of the faculty members and the community within the school. PSHS takes great pride in being a cougar and everyone in the school feels this way. Cougar pride is something very important because without it there would be no community, no support, and no excitement to go yo school.
Plainfield South is a place where it creates students who want to learn and those who do not, fall back. As a community, we have shaped the school into a more diverse place for everyone to learn and not be judged. I have been given every opportunity at Plainfield South because they equipped me with the tools of learning. I have learned friendship and intelligence among the amazing teachers here. Not once were my opinions or ideas shot down and with this said, my confidence increased. Along with their victories comes their flaws. Plainfield South is sometimes too lenient with the failing grades and maybe not so qualified staff which makes students not want to learn. However, my overall experience has been truly a blessing and an opportunity that I did not take for granted.
Not enough supervision over the students. My daughter has told me that students are hugging and kissing behind their locker doors during change of class. Unsafe conditions on the stairs during change of class, students are pushing each other to get to class on time. Very little homework is given. No communication from the teacher if your student is doing poorly. Communication to parents about events at the school is poor. Unsafe parking and drop off conditions. Almost been hit many times.
Plainfield South has a family feel among the students and staff. You never feel afraid to ask for help from anyone. The teachers are always ready to help you and the people you meet there will become your family.
At Plainfield South the overall experience is pretty average. The school provides the basic needs to get through high school and into college. I would love to see the school provide better resources to their students for their specific interests in college.
Decent enough school, teachers were not always the best. Some rules are a bit strict or unnecessary, facilities need upgrades, school in general needs to be updated. Nearby school Plainfield North is extremely nice inside and looks very clean and well kept, they should model their school to be a lot more like North.
The atmosphere is ok. Some teachers are exceptional and others seem like they always have something better to do.
It was a good school, the amount of people there was overwhelming at times and bright students could easily get "lost in the crowd" when it came to education. If you are a driven student who wants to learn you will excel there.
I very much liked the teachers at Plainfield south. They have always been helpful and I did fairly well in their classes. I will say, it would be nice if they got rid of the TV's in the hallways. They are unnecessary.
I had great teachers and made great friends. I wish there were more activities for students involved in art and music. Art club did not meet very frequently and was often out shined and not emphasized like sports were. There are a lot of extracurricular sport activities and attending football games was fun just to hang out with friends.
I liked school for the most part but I wish there had been more AP class options. I never really had a bad teacher except for one in math but overall everyone was friendly and I liked the sense of community I experienced during my senior year.
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Being at South was a nice experience. I liked the diversity in activities and classes to participate in and I liked the ability to choose most classes. I wish the atmosphere were different. Students aren't very accepting at times and kind of rude to others for no reason.
My experience at Plainfield South High school has been excellent. Our school has a school spirt unparallel to those around us, we are proud cougars who take all challenges in stride. The best thing about our schools is that there is a place for everyone and no one is secluded to one thing. We have a multitude of sports and clubs to choose from allowing each person to be able to find their own little home. Personally, I am an officer for our schools DECA chapter, a beyouty project mentor, a member of the National Honors Society as well as French club and French National Honors Society. Our school has allowed me to take part in a multitude of high-level honors and AP classes. The only thing I would like to see improved is the upkeep of our building. Other than this our school is a very loving and accepting community!
I've been a student here for 2 years. The staff are VERY inviting, helpful, and caring to the students. Most teachers appear to be qualified, but because there were new teaching methods instituted when I came, and will last for a 5-year period, many teachers were aloof to the new style of teaching and many students suffered. Overall, I had a great experience and will graduate with a great GPA.
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