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Plainfield North High School Reviews

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Overall ok but teachers should be accountable to students learning. A few do not teach and are demeaning.
The teachers here do an excellent job with teaching all the necessary skills and information needed for our futures.
I’m a Senior and have had nothing but a great experience my four years here, teachers are great and have a great time here. The counselors are very nice and accommodating loved everything about this school so that is really about all.
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My Experience at Plainfield North highschool has been an average experience . I feel that drugs is a huge problem in the school and it’s very disturbing that not much is done to stop this epidemic with the kids. Teachers are having a hard time controlling kids and consequences for bad behavior should be more strict .
Overall Plainfield North can be classified as an above-average school; however, that doesn't mean it is without flaws. Perhaps the biggest issue is in the STEM department. Math teachers are mainly young and inexperienced while science teachers fail to offer students a sturdy grasp on the curriculum. The band has one of the best marching bands in the area and both the choir and band programs and produced numerous All-State Musicians. Relatively all the sports are competitive and most are better than other neighboring schools.
This school has awesome teachers who genuinely care about their students. From my experience, I have had awesome opportunities throughout my time here. Each teacher knows what they're doing and are willing to help each student at any time. The only reason I didn't put all 5 stars is because I feel that the school doesn't talk about a lot of the issues that sometimes go on in school. We have had 2 suicides from students who attended here and no one said a word about it. We were also discouraged from participating in the walkout against gun violence. And I feel that the school should take more time to talk about what we would do in case of any type of emergency and take those situations more seriously.
I like Plainfield North because it provides a good learning experience and has been preparing me for college. It has many opportunities that can help me succeed and outside of education, Plainfield North has many sports and clubs that are available. Being in a sport here i feel is great and im glad i joined the sport. The teachers are for the most part very helpful and want what is best for you and will do their best to teach you. I feel prepared for most every test and assignment. Some teachers come to know you very well and understand what helps you learn best.
Met all of my best friends at PNHS. The staff is caring and respectful. The students around me care for one another. They could improve on rules with bullying.
Plainfield North offers a wide variety of opportunities for students. In a safe well kept learning environment students are given access to everything they may need to reach their goals. Plainfield North has many different clubs and sports for students to find their passions.
When I went there, there could have been way more technology integrated into the classroom. Other than that, I really enjoyed my time here. Overall, it is a great school with a great district behind it as well.
I like that Plainfield North has some teachers that are willing to go above and beyond to help their students become their best self. They care and understand that some of the students struggle and so they slow down or meet one on one with that particular student. I don't like some of their rules, for instance their dress code but other then that everything else is average.
I liked the School spirit and the student involvement! The teachers want us to all do our best all the time
My experience at Plainfield North so far was very good, as there are plenty of classes for everybody, from the hardest AP classes to astronomy to culminary arts. There are some bad and great teachers, but most lie in the competent category, where they know how to teach their students what they need to know. PNHS has countless clubs for anyone to join, and everyone must like at least one they are interested in. North is a very acedemically capable school where students who work hard get resources to follow their passion.
Both the incredible staff and supportive student body create a positive environment, granting each and every student the opportunity to achieve success. Teachers at this school go above and beyond to meet the various needs of their students. From staying after school to assist a student or hosting a review session, teachers ensure that every students has the ability to reach their fullest potential.
I enjoyed the environment and many of the teachers, but often time it seemed like they put more effort into the wrong things. They were very focused on football their athletic achievements and the schools aesthetic and not so much other sports, such as golf or swimming, and arts like theater or music.
During my experience at Plainfield North, I felt like I taught my teachers more than they taught me. Bullying is very common in the school and it seems to go unnoticed by staff.
This district seems to be more concerned with winning at all costs, than the lessons learned from teamwork.
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I liked the teachers, they all were pretty good people and I would like to see the athletic focus change, like not being so focused on football but other sports too.
At Plainfield North,we're able to be committed to something and passionate. Whether that is sports or fine arts, students and faculty give it their all. We work through failure and are able to rely on our classmates on and off the field. At Plainfield North, no teamate is left behind.
I enjoyed how students are easily able to communicate with staff members and teachers. It allows students to get any help they need, whether it be in academics, or in personal issues. Someone is always available to help with any problem.
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