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Over the past 4 years, i have really enjoyed getting to know the friendly and helpful staff as well as meeting new friends. The school itself is very clean and a safe learning environment.
Now currently in my 4th year, I have really enjoyed all my high school has to offer for their students. Not only does it have a wide range of extracurriculars activities but a variety of tutoring programs. If I could implement one change to improve the school it would be to provide the students with a laptop and instead of relying on pen and paper, change the majority of course work to be online.
Wonderful school. The staff is wonderful and always available and ready to help. They have numerous clubs so there is something for everyone. They are very easy to communicate with.
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I like the environment of Plainfield North but students and staff need to be more positive. There are plenty of times where it seems like things are moving “slow” and a little more positive could cheer people up. Overall, I think it’s a great school and I’m glad I recieved my education here.
This school of course is one of the best in Plainfield. There’s always high energy and high school spirit. Teachers are awesome, obviously in every school there’s a few that aren’t the best, but over all it was a great place to be in!
Overall Plainfield North is a good school. Possibly in the future they could look into expanding the class options for elective classes.
This will be my son’s Senior year and I can honestly say it’s gone by way too fast. He’s had a great experience at PNHS. Most of the Teachers are terrific and are always willing to assist when students fall behind or need extra help. My Son’s Counselor has been wonderful advising him on which classes to take that will challenge him but not overwhelm him. The Principal and administrative team treat the students with respect and are very involved. They also encourage Parents to be involved in their Child’s education as well as providing guidence on college readiness. They have a lot of activities for the kids to be involved in from various clubs to sports, as well at performing arts and marching band. Overall excellent school!
Enjoyed my 4-year experience here at this high school. If you are willing to take on new opportunities, get out of your comfort zone, and stay on top of the ball - this school is perfect. I was a part of clubs and sports that I did not even think I wanted to do getting into high school. 15/10 experience.
I liked my experience as a student at Plainfield North High School.
The school was nice.. teachers were nice. Communication could have been better on all levels.
Sports /Coaching I don't feel were handled right.
I liked how we supported everyone when it came to sports or theater. Everyone did their part to be a part of the school and make things memorable for others.
It was a great school to attend. Most teachers and students have positive energy and great school spirit. There are many opportunities for students to try new things and discover new talents and interests. The only thing I would like to see changed is that the school should promote their CAD classes. I sadly missed this great opportunity to be knowledgable with the CAD program, this could be very helpful when planning to go into specific fields that deal with CAD.
North is great school to attend. The teachers and administration are concerned about your education and treat you like an adult.
I wouldn't change anything about the school. I enjoyed my time here.
I would like to see the teachers more involved with the students. At this school the administration is more focused on the discipline rather then setting students up for college. I can say when I went here, I was not prepared for college at all.
Plainfield North is a great school that fits the need of your student. It's great faculty is very supportive and the school constantly changes in order to ensure the success of their students. I am proud to have gone to this school and it truly gave me a great high school experience.
PNHS is a very sports-driven school. Oftentimes new sports equipment is bought instead of new books or educational resources. I have had some incredible teachers here and feel that I have received a good education, but my experience has been undermined by patronizing administrators and biased treatment towards athletes.
Plainfield North is excellent high school. They take pride in their students and have excellent teachers. They have exceptional programs with great resources to help students excel. I attended other schools in the city of Chicago, but this by far has been my best education learning experience. Diversity is on the horizon at PNHS . Go Plainfield North!
I enjoyed a majority of my classes at Plainfield North High School and think it is a very respectable school in the state of Illinois. Karl Smith (English department) was one of the best instructors that I've ever had, even now as a sophomore in college. I believe that although Plainfield North is respectable, the start time (7:05 AM) is too early given the fact that science even says that teenagers should not be starting their days so early. With that being said, I felt that anti-bullying as also lackluster and many teachers ignored situations that required a more direct action.
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Plainfield North High School is a great school surrounded by a helpful and involved community. My experience here was overall successful, although the preparation for college and other necessary life skills is poor and unbeneficial.
In general, I feel that education at PNHS takes a holistic approach that shapes students' ability to be more perceptive in and outside of academia.
I liked my teachers and classes, but it feels like there is a high focus on sports as opposed to anything else.
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