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There’s some poor communication between the school administrators and its staff as well as with its students. Some of the things they choose to do doesn’t seem to make much sense. In any case, overall it’s okay.
Studying at Plainfield High School is being a grate experience because teachers and and some administrators have been helping me a lot even though when I started high school I was 18 years old and I did my best, now I’m graduating high school in 3 years.
Plainfield High School is perhaps one of the greatest public schools in the state of New Jersey. From its committed Staff team, to its committed administration team, they as a whole have helped bring us fellow classmates and future scholars together. This school being one of the very first public schools dating back to its foundation in 1857, will continue to grow and form an even greater uprising of students every graduation year. I am so blessed that I had the opportunity of attending such a great school and look forward to seeing it grow!
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Graduated 2002! I was a member of the chorus. My choir in structure Mrs. Minatee was great we had concerts and plays.
Plainfield High School isn't one of the best schools in New Jersey. Almost everything involved in the school is very poor. It's sad that I had to spend three good years of my life there. I am so ready to move on to college. One thing that I know I would like to see there changed, is an improvement in communication on a an Administration-to-student level. There was so much more this school could offer for college readiness, but didn't.
Small school, close to home but academically wasn't challenging except for the one AP Chem course I took.
I love plainfield High School, it’s an good environment and I love attending this school. Everyone is funny and smart, some teachers are very rude though, if you are a freshman you may have heard of Mr.padilla, he is the worst teacher ever, all he does is bring you down. But other then that teach everyone else of extremely supportive.
My experience at Plainfield High School is unforgettable, not only have I gained the knowledge of a lifetime but I have been able to expand it as well. During four great years I have become part of the Allied Health Program. Which in my case is the best program for students like me that want to pursue their career in the medical field. Aside from maintaining Honors Roll status, I have also dedicated my time to volunteer for worthy causes such as the PHS Fall and Spring Blood Drive, the PHS Annual College Fair, and Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. These experiences have allowed me to become a well-rounded individual who manages my priorities in such a way that allows me to remain equally committed to achieving success with all of my commitments. I will soon leave the doors of Plainfield High School to open new ones but honestly, without the help of teachers and counselors I would not have the confidence to do it.
My daughter Brianna first year in High School was a bit of a challenge seeing that she had all AP courses. Well the freshmen classes were in a different building then the upper classmen and seeing that her classes where in the upper classmen building, she had to do a lot of running back and forth between classes. Despite all this see finished with honor roll in all four marking period.
To be honest i could say that the high school i attend our extracurricular activities is the best thing in that school. We have dance, cheer, volleyball, math club, debate, basketball, weight room, and many more. Whatever club your interested in they would make you feel like your home. For example, i am a dancer and i would stay their from 2:45 till 5:30 because i love it there. It helps me escape from all my problems, i feel relaxed i wouldn't trade it for anything.
To be honest I actually like the high school i attend even though its a lot of drama and most students get easily distracted. You can make some relationships you would never forget, or you will make some that you will forget. Just like teachers there is some that you will forget, and there is some you wont forget for the rest of your life. I love school i would hate it if i even had to miss one day of it.
At Plainfield High School some teachers are great at their job. Then their are some teachers who don't push us to strive more its like they just teach for the money. To be honest i don't want a teacher to just be there for the money i want them to care about us. Ever since freshman year i am grateful that i at least have one teacher that really helped me out and care about my education. I still have contact with them till this day and i am now a senior.
Nothing much really went on so I wouldn't know.
A lot of the clubs were always well organized.
The school wasn't always the best but it was fun.
The teachers there were always willing to help out.
The school had its ups and downs
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I loved joining the clubs here because the teachers actually take the time to value your interests I have no complaints personally about it
The teachers I have aren't bad some just need a little more catching up on modern technology
It depends on the parents
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