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The only qualms i have about the school is that there are a couple teachers who do not teach to the best of their ability and have failed multiple students for the teachers own incompetence and students cannot complain about these teachers to get change as it is against our school policies and no one listens to us in this way.
My favorite thing about Plainfield High School is the community. Although there are countless students and an abundance of teachers, I have enjoyed getting to know each that I can. From sports teams to clubs to service opportunities and other after school activities, my high school has always encouraged building relationships both inside and outside of the school walls. To build off this, I have appreciated all the ways to get involved within the school and the Plainfield community. Within the last four years, I have joined a variety of clubs along with the tennis team which have together taught me so many life skills and habits while also allowing me to develop new friendships. Plainfield High School's logo is "bringing joy to learning" and I wholeheartedly believe they do so in amazing ways.
Plainfield High School is a great learning environment. The teachers are involved in the students lives and care about their success. The school offers many different clubs, games, sports, and other extra curricular activities! I would describe Plainfield High School as safe, encouraging, and a home to many devoted students.
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Plainfield Highschool is a great school environment. All of the teachers work really well with the students and prepare them for college.
I love the school culture their it’s semi-professional and helps transition the students to adulthood and I would change the band room it’s quite small for our size of a band
What I liked about Plainfield High School was the boundaries I was able to step out of and the opportunities on the classes I have taken, experiences I have witnessed and felt will never leave me and I hope the mistakes I have learned the hard way won’t be made again.
Plainfield High School is a truly great choice when making a very important decision about your child's future. I graduated from Plainfield High School in 2016 and I fell as if I was very well prepared for college after my time there. The teachers at Plainfield truly care about their students and they make it their mission and their goal to let every student keep up in the classroom. I feel as if my time at this school prepared me for the real world and for the world of college as well as it possibly could have.
I am currently a senior at PHS and I have loved being a student here. The staff is excellent, and the administrators are friendly. I have had so many opportunities both in the classroom and outside of it.
Going to Plainfield High School was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I not only had amazing support with the ever caring students but also faculty. To this day, I know I can still reach out to previous teachers I had for help and advice and I can also go to peers that I had before, even if I didn't talk to them in school. The only thing I would change is to have more opportunities for everyone, even though they do an amazing job at it already.
It’s the best school I ever had im Palestinian I never went to school like this in my country so it’s the greatest thing I ever had thank you guys for giving my chance to be in your beautiful school and thanks for everyone help me to learn some English exactly ( Ms,Mills ) she’s the best teacher ever ! .

Ahmad tanib
June / 7 / 2018
I learned alot at PHS, and it is a diverse school. They have many academic options and extra circular activies. They have a lot of sports. The only thing that I would change is the way they treat non-sport activities. If it's not sports, it doesn't matter as much.
I'd like for the teachers to be more invested with students. I feel that overall I had a positive experience at Plainfield High School. I wish the student body was closer to each other.
They have a very good educational program. There are lots of opportunities for advanced classes, which is great. However, there were only clubs for city folks. I would have liked to have seen some clubs for country kids like fishing or shooting clubs.
Plainfield High School was an excellent school to attend. Absolutely one of the best public schools I have ever encountered.
A ton of bullying, teachers don't do their job to stop it. The principal and staffing are wonderful, love you guys. But the counseling at the school sucks. I have helped more kids than the person in charge of talking and helping the kids. But nice school, people can be pricks. But bullying is definitely a problem, been bullied for about 3 years now and still nothing done. Gave up and now helping others
Plainfield High School is a great school for students to attend. The teachers make sure to help you, no matter what. Many of my teachers have offered me a new way to learn, and I greatly appreciate that. My school values all activities, and I find that very important. They make sure to include everyone.
Attending Plainfield high school was a very good experience. Most teachers I had were very helpful and including when they taught. I'd say the overall academic section was fair in quality. The building itself provides a welcome feeling. In the end I see them changing their lunches and the overall opprotunities for students in clubs and academics
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Plainfield High School is a great school that gives an excellent education and helps each and every student along the way. It has great classrooms and the school itself is very new and well kept. The teachers care about the students and they want them to succeed. If I wanted to improve anything about the school it would probably be the sports programs and how money is distributed between the sports. It isn't a huge deal but some sports are lacking in supplies but it has improved over the year. All in all a fantastic school that supports its students and helps them prepare for college and for the rest of their life.
I love the fact that you can be involved in whatever you want to be. Club sponsors are really good about working together to make sure you can be in anything you want! One thing I would like to see change is the communication.
Plainfield is an amazing school with good people amazing teachers and actually some pretty good administrators. I have had my issues there but most of the time I am treated equally and with respect. The academics there are amazing because of the teachers that I have and all the extras are amazing because of the coaches. Plainfield is amazing and I wouldn’t change the fact that I will graduate from it soon.
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