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I absolutely loved my high school experience here. We have the best super fan section ever, the football games are always packed with students who are in their spirit wear and the experience is something you’ll never forget. Many of the teachers here are phenomenal, of course there are a few that could use a little more experience but that’s most schools. The teachers that teach the honors classes and AP classes are specifically really really amazing teachers. Many of them went to really nice schools and are super kind and just overall great teachers. So great that even one of my math teachers would hold a study session the day before every test and he would bring the most delicious home made banana bread for us to eat. I can’t imagine going to any other school. I think it’s safe to say that on behalf of every student at Plainfield Central including myself; it’s good to be a wildcat.
My experience with the Plainfield School District was from 2010 - 2014. I had an overall not so great experience dealing with the staff and administration of Plainfield Central. I did not at all feel as though I was prepared for college or life after high school. The majority of the teachers did not care about their students and/or would treat them less than members of society. A number of teachers and staff have been known to retaliate against students that try to stand up for themselves or anything that is questionable within the school. The administration knows about certain teachers and staff and their behavior, but still sweep it under the rug.
Plainfield Central is a very positive learning environment, where a great majority of teachers are fully invested in the growth and future careers of their students. The administration is excellent, and an incredible symbol of this is our principle, Mr. Stephens, holds the door open every morning for all students. Central carries a strong culture and is a place where students truly want to be.
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Plainfield High School is just your average high school. Facilities were nice, always clean and the school tried to update it as much as budget would allow. Teachers were all very nice and interested in the students well being. The counselor I was assigned to was awesome, she was very helpful when it came to preparing for college and ensuring I was on the right track for planning the best possible outcome for my future. The school tries to get the students as involved as possible, with school dances, athletics, and clubs. Overall my high school experience was average but Plainfield High School definitely offered everything you need to exceed in school.
For the most part, this school gave me four wonderful years of learning and growth and I had some amazing experiences, however, perusing the arts was somewhat difficult at this school when I was a student. Due to heavy funding on sports and not supplying the art classrooms and the music department with the tools they needed for their students to succeed, many incredibly talented future artists decided not to continue their studies in these fields.
I like a lot about Plainfield High School, but it's not perfect. For one, the food is not very good. I enjoy the band program and have a group of amazing friends who I wouldn't have met if it wasn't for this school. The classes I take range from slightly challenging to where it seems that extra work is being piled on for no reason.
I felt confident that my instructors cared about my success and that the administration was on my side. However, I often got the sense that my experience as a gifted/talented student made those positive experiences, while those who did not excel were not given as much focus and attention.
At Plainfield Highschool, everyday I experience complete unprofessionalism. The administration does not care about whether students are learning or not, but more or so on the we wear and if we have our ID's on. At the school the administration focusses more on punishment rather than education. Although all of this is very annoying and should be fixed, there are some amazing teachers that really care about the students. The school is also late with everything. For example at the second half of the school year we were told about everything we had to get done. It is very fustrating to think about being in a school where you are told things and new rules are implemented in th third marking period where they should have been there since the beginning of the year. Overall though in my opinion the school is very unprofessional and has an embarrassing reputation.
The other students in my grade are very disrespectful to the teachers and are always in trouble. They are immature and rude to each other. They dont care about their grades or basically anything.
I loved Plainfield High School. Full of down-to-earth middle class kids just like myself. Although there was the occasional fight, the school was pretty safe. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience there and I would definitely recommend it.
Plainfield Central is a very well kept school. There are no issues with cleanliness or anything of that sort. The illustrious high school also have staff that genuinely cares for their students and their overall well being. I believe that Plainfield Central is one above other high school campuses because when you step into the school, you feel safe. As if it is a home away from home. It provides many different outlets for the variety of students who walk the halls. With programs such as New Student Ambassadors, Link Crew and the Wildcat Ambassadors. Welcoming everyone in with open arms and making them feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Everyone at Plainfield Central High School is like a family and once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.
This school is decent. The rules are strict, it starts very early, and some of the teachers are terrible. But the students and the school spirit is contagious. When I went to school it was fun and I loved to go to school.
Has the best academics of the Plainfield high schools. The honors and AP programs are well-taught by engaging teachers who offer plenty of help. There are plenty of clubs, but many could be better run.
I have enjoyed all four years at Plainfield High School Central Campus, the time has certainly flown by.. Becoming more involved and getting to know the staff members all around made the experience much more enjoyable. The facility members are always looking for the students first, in every facet of decision making that goes on within the building.. A majority of students bleed green and white (our school colors), we love getting involved with our sports teams even when they are not the best. In the class rooms, a majority of the teachers do their best to make sure students get the material. A teacher will never turn down a student willing to learn and expand their mind. Those same teachers share the same pride as the students, many of them are Plainfield High School alums and they could not wait to return. Though we are not the most up to date school, with the best technology and so on; we find a way to be the most memorable high school within our district.
Plainfield High School was very diverse. The numerous amount of clubs and activities made my experience there very memorable. Something that would help improve the quality of the school would be updating the textbooks used in some classes. Overall, Plainfield High School is an above average school with several opportunities to create memories and join many clubs and activities.
I liked the abundance of extracurricular activities that they offered. I also liked how most of my teachers would particularly spend time after school to help further my education if I was having trouble. School events such as football games were also really enjoyable.
I am a Senior Varsity football player at Plainfield Central High School in Plainfield Illinois. I have had a very positive experience at PCHS and love my school. I feel that they have prepared me academically to be well prepared for college. I have made so many lifelong friendships. I love playing for the football team. We have great faculty, student body, parent and community support. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but PCHS. Go Wildcats!
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I loved the overall unity at Plainfield Central. No matter what happened, the study body held together, strong, and always empowering each other. However, I would like to see more open diversity. There were no doubt people from all different backgrounds, but students didn't feel comfortable being proud of their culture, so to say, with the possible fear of being judged.
The teachers were awesome! I had such a great time and always felt safe and would not have wanted to go anywhere else other than Plainfield Central High School.
Academics were hardly challenging. Arts were not cared for at all. Teachers focused on outgoing people and left others to fend for themselves. Funding was low.
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