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The teachers were very easy to communicate with. They all tried to help everyone succeed with anything they were trying to do.
I am a recent alumni and graduated in 2017 and I now attend Bay Path University which is a private university in Massachusetts. Overall, Plainfield High School was an "okay" high school. The origin where I live I was forced to go to school here. My experience was not up to par but it was decent. One part that stuck out the most to me that I did not like is that PHS did not really do a great job with college readiness because when I started college, I was lost with some of the subjects I had to take which I already should have known information about because I took them in high school but I could not remember anything.
Growing up in Plainfield and having to go to Plainfield High School because you did not get accepted anywhere else, was hard. All your friends change because they found someone better or your interests never matched theirs. Its 2018 and we all know school shooting is a thing. My highschool had a kid that got expelled because he threatened the school and had guns in his home, I remember seeing this email that said ' DO NOT LET THIS KID IN' and all I could think to myself was 'oh my gosh, this is it", nothing ever happened but still. There isn't one girl security guard here, and personally I think we need one. Guys aren't the only ones picking fights in the bathrooms.
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The Ap classes are definitely worth it to take. Those teachers who teach the AP classes prepare you for college and treat you as people too. The school is famous for the marching band, which has won nationals five years in a row and the music department in general. Our plays are outstanding and have a large amount of family involvement as well.
I attended Plainfield High School before the new high school was built. The school that I attended was mostly demolished except for the original historic portion, which still stands seperate from the new facility. Overall the administration and staff are very supporting. The curriculum is well suited for college prep and the school has good resources.
I loved my time here. Everyone is so kind and ready to help. The after school activities are outstanding. I'm a member of the theatre program and it has changed my life. I'm happy to report that I will be pursuing theatre at AMDA next year. It's all thanks to the wonderful teachers at Plainfield.
The four years that I have spent at Plainfield High School have been well. The atmosphere is pretty great, meaning people can talk to anyone. Students are friendly towards each other and have the ability to speak their minds. I am lucky to have a great group of friends around me. We all help each other through the classes we take and just supporting one and another. The faculty at Plainfield is great. The AP teachers are tremendous. The more advanced you get in high school, the better academic teachers are received. For me, I got to take all the classes I wanted when entering high school. I honestly feel like I am learning something from my classes. For the past two years, I have been with the same group of kids for my AP classes, to the extent where we have all became comfortable with each other. Due to this, and the amazing teachers of these classes, I really do want to learn.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at Plainfield High School. There was not anything overly spectacular about the school, the teachers were helpful and kind for the most part, and students mostly kept to themselves. I thought I received an average education and experience from the school which is why I rate Plainfield High School 3 stars.
I like how friendly everyone is, and how the staff takes the time to get to know each student, the best they can! The only thing I suggest is create a tennis team, and use your tennis courts!
I love the variety of teachers that our administration has provided for the students. Each teacher takes on his or her own different style of teaching, which allows us students to challenge ourselves to adapt to different environments. I also love the fact that we are a newer school. Our a school was built in 2005, therefore I would consider my school to be up to date with recent technology and teaching techniques. Overall, my school has a fantastic environment. Everyone from the students, janitors, and to the guidance counselors bring a welcoming presence to my school.
My experience with Plainfield Highschool these past 4 years has been alright, but it could be better than it currently is. The teachers could definitely change, and getting ready and prepared for college definitely needs to be changed for the better. The bathrooms could be changed, some stalls don't even lock and the food could be better as well.
Plainfield High School is a great educational environment. The faculty encourages personal growth and hard work to succeed both in school and in life. I have made some great friends while working with the choir and theater departments.
I like how Plainfield High School is a smaller school which allows for more communication among peers. The atmosphere is upbeat and the teachers are patient with their students. The teachers work together to keep the students involved with activities while also being their to listen to students.
I'm a senior at Plainfield High School, and I love it here. I have had the opportunity to do so many thing for my school and community and learn so many people along the way.
Plainfield High School has been a place where I call home for the past few years. Over those years i have bee involved with the band, theater department, National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, and the color guard team. This school is very beautiful and has a great academic programs, the teachers make time to work with the students, and they prepare students for a future of success.
I'm a senior now so I'd like to think I have some experience in this school, some not so good, others amazing. One thing that I will always love about Plainfield High School is there dedicated Marching Band. I was a part of this marching band my first year, I wasn't much into music but they treat you like family. A not so great point of this school is the low funding for textbooks or the organization of classes. The food isn't too great either but they have nachos every friday and it's really good. Some of the teachers genuinely care and you can tell because they are more than willing to help, others though tend to not really care if kids even show up, but I guess you get that with any school.
I would choose this school again because the students at this school are accepting and outgoing. No one judges another and everyone even the teachers are nothing but friendly.
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Teachers and students are a community and help each other in every way possible. Communication is exceptional.
I like the art department and the history courses.
Some teachers are very involved, But some seem not to care all that much.
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