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I love how at my school there are so many opportunities. There are clubs, sports, and co-curricular activities in every department, ranging from tutoring the special needs students to playing chess nearly undefeated to advocating for gender equity. My school has many Advanced Placement and honors courses, with teachers who are dedicated to making sure their students succeed. The administration loves its students; my principal has lunch with me on Wednesdays to get to know me as a person. We also have a lot of spirit and school pride, evident at every football game and event, especially among us seniors. I would love to see more counselor involvement and student participation in recycling at my school. I would also like to see possibly another class period in addition to our 7 existing ones so students devoted to the arts can fit in more classes to their schedules and not have to take summer school to meet the graduation requirements.
Plainfield East High School is generally a great learning environment. Teachers are always willing to provide academic help and students have the option to visit the tutoring center, math center, or bengal crib. Students are very involved in sports and after school activities. The school could improve on peer support and unity along with better organization. An officer is usually present on campus which helps to establish a sense of safety for students and staff, but it is not difficult to enter the school before or after school day hours.
Plainfield East is very accepting to its students. They are open to many different cultures and religions that students practice by allowing them to host morning prayers, or creating clubs that allow them to share their cultures with their peers. One thing I would want Plainfield East to change, however, is the money they put into sports and clubs. There are teams who need better equipment or better uniforms and there are clubs that are need of new materials, etc. in order to keep their club running.
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I like the staff at Plainfield East. They always made me feel welcome to the classroom and provided me the education I needed.
The administration and teachers there really care about the students and make sure every student takes something from the four years spent there. There are many clubs to join and it is a great way to make new friends.
The school overall was pretty good. I enjoyed myself. At time the social scene could be a bit boring, but from an academic perspective it was good. During my senior year, the teachers and academic staff tried to be more involved in student culture. The guidance counselors are pretty involved with the students....especially during my senior year as they prepared us for college. I expect the school to improve as the years go on.
I made a lot of friends, and I loved most of my teachers. All of my teachers wanted to see me success as well as my counselor. High school was not so bad, but I was really excited to move on to a different journey which was college.
There were a lot of opportunities for advancement in classes rather than only regular classes. Lots of AP credits were obtainable. Teachers were all very supportive and encouraging. A great place to learn and prepare for college.
I was very fortunate to have attended this school. The teachers were very respectful of the students and fostered a very progressive education process in order to give the best possible education to their students. The only problem is the allocation of their money. My junior year, we could not afford paper for the students by the end of the year. The following year, the school tore up the grass football field to lay down turf, a new "jumbotron" new mats in the gym, and a few more athletic based additions to the school (a very expensive venture I would imagine). It upset me that all of the money seemed to be going to athletics, instead of education (the main reason we attend school). I have heard that a large portion of how they payed for the field was through parent donations. If this is true it is more understandable as to why this venture would have happened. But if this is the only semi-major issue that I have encountered at this school, they are doing very well.
When I was going to the school, I really liked my professors such as Ms. Chishti, Mrs. Torres, Mrs. Dunham, and Mr. O'Donoghue that made learning a wonderful and inviting experience.
While the school might struggle in terms of resources, most teachers are kind, understanding, and will do their best to help students with whatever they can.
Perfect location, diversity, AP, Honors, Dual Credit Opportunities, Fun Atmosphere in school and in sports, Competitive and relaxed at the same time. Never an issue of safety or problems always a great day with great teachers & staff.
I would like to see more money given to the art department and less for things that are not needed. We do have a great academic program but there are some things that need to be changed. I love that we have so many clubs and ways to be involved in the school
It was a school that just got the job done. The one thing I could say is that not many people were bullied so I would say its a benefit of attending. Just like any other schools, you would have great teachers and poor teachers.
What I liked the most about Plainfield East High school is the sports, clubs and activities. These three things give people a way to connect with new people or to hang out with friends after school or the weekend. Most of the teachers here are very helpful, some are willing to stay late after school for anybody needing help on assignments they may have missed or couldn't understand the notes that same day. The school has a lot of different cultures, recently this school allowed a club for different cultures. It is a good idea for many people to connect with others.
Overall, it was not a bad place. They are very good at teaching students what they need to know and nothing more. The music department is wonderful. They are not helpful with things like bullying.
Great school with amazing staff memebers who are genuinely invested in their occupation and students. This school also has a friendly student population.
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The school needs to start spending a bit more money on school resources. They finally got new computers and laptops this year, so that's good, but it would be nice if i didn't have to hear teachers complain about paper shortages anymore. And I understand everyone's doing their job, but sometimes there's no soap in the bathrooms so you have to go to a different bathroom, a science classroom, or use hand sanitizer.
Plainfield East is a school with diversity in its student body, staff, and presented opportunities both in and out of the classroom. With that being said, no school is perfect and I can bring up some times where situations could have been handled better by the district; but all in all the level of education and community that is built up and worked upon by everyone who is involved with this school makes it a great environment for the men and women of the future to start on the right path to the rest of their lives.
I am a current Senior and love attending Plainfield East High School. They have an amazing curriculum and an even more amazing Choir program. I have enjoyed all my four yrs at PEHS.
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