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Plainfield Academy for the Arts & Advanced Studies (PAAAS) Reviews

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I liked how everything was so simple. You knew what you had to do and you chose whether to do it or not. I would like them to move to a new building.
There are little to no clubs and/or after school activities. Administration is not helpful at all when student confronts them with a personal issue having to do with policies. Studios are actually enjoyable if you want to be there and some staff are the type of people who help you through life. The school needs to be bigger especially with all the grades it accepts, not having locker rooms is difficult bc it leaves bathrooms crowded and unavailable for the people who actually need to use them.
My experience about PAAAS is that I’ve had many opportunities to travel around many places and get to meet new people. What I like about PAAAS is that they prepare you for college and university. It also prepares you what is being expected in life and tips on how to survive in this environment.
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I spent both my middle school and high school career at PAAAS and I can say I had throughout my 6 years attending the school I can say overall I had a great time.
I attended PAAAS since 8th grade, I join the dance program directed by Mrs. Jenkins. Now is directed by someone else, I have not taken dance classes with the new teacher for so long, so I will not comment on the her teaching skills. Overall PAAAS is a good school is low in funding as the performing arts school does not have their own stage, the school food is normal, could be better. As for education, it is challenging but worth it, I personally felt like it prepared me for college. The school is not that diverse. If you are looking for a art program the school is great at introducing people to the arts but if you really want to be a dancer, singer, actor, I suggest to search for a more intense program. I personally enjoyed my time there, even though the school hours are long from 8:00-3:50. At PAAAS you get a sense of community since it’s a small school and everyone knows everyone.
I’ve been attending PAAAS since the 7th grade and here i’ve learned so much about life and the way the education system works. PAAAS has motivated me to excel higher in education. At this school I was introduced to a program by the name of Rutgers Upward Bound. And this program helps me with work and studies and prepares me for college. PAAAS does this as well. The teachers at this school helps students unlike most high schools. I would recommend this school to any student who has a talent with the Arts, this school would fit you !
This is my 6th and final year at this school and it has its good and bad side about it. The good thing about it is that we have studios that we auditioned to get into and we have the class everyday. I am in piano and I love my teacher. The bad thing about this school is that we are over crowded. The school goes from grades 7-12 and now it will be going from 6-12 in the fall. The school is really small and I have a hard time getting to class with all of the people standing around. The teachers that I had were great and some I’m glad I never have to see again. There are some teachers who are patient and try to encourage you to do your best while some do not have patience at all. I wish that my school was like other schools that have many clubs and programs but we do not have that. We are a uniform wearing school but we are also an arts schools which is a contradiction within itself.
I enjoy how calm and safe this school is. My town doesn’t have the best education system nor is it the best with safety. However my school gives me a better education then most schools in this district. Also there are no fights at my school unlike the other schools around my area. Also the teachers push and actually care about us, they make us strive to achieve great things. The staff is really great as well, they try to be as involved as they can be with students. However I feel as if my school is way too small and too crowded. I’m hoping to expand our space. It’s from 7th grade- 12th grade and it’s only one floor. I would like to have more expansion. Also I want a lot more diversity in this school. The majority of the population are black or Hispanic, and very very few Asians. I like having a more diverse school.
I like how different the school is compared to other and similar schools. They give you a chance to delve into your future career through 'studios'. The only thing I am not particularly fond of is the student body. It is a very rude environment that can get under even the toughest, level headed kid's skin. But, hey, that's high school for ya!
So far PAAAS is a good school academics wise. Though of course nothings perfect. We were selected as 3rd best school nationally, but as students we lack a lot of resources. Such as a library, proper auditorium and proper gymnasium.
The school is a very strict school. They do not joke about uniform. They want us to be prepare in the future when we need a uniform. The school might be hard but I know from experience students work hard fail or succeed.
What I really like about p.a.a.a.s is the connection you get to build with each teacher so your not just another name on the roster but actually have a bond with each teacher. Another reason why I do like p.a.a.a.s is the college preparatory the school gives you so your not just learning a subject but also being set up to expand your education no matter where you end up later on in life .
In the town it's the best, compared to the state I'm not sure. The school and principal expects a lot from the students so it makes the students work harder than other students in the town.
The clubs weren't as diverse as I would like it. All the after school activities/sports were through the main high school.
This school is great, they expect above and beyond from the students. An 83 is honor roll and a 93 is high honor roll compared to the other local schools where an 80 is honor roll and a 90 is high honor roll. I like this because it makes you try harder to get that 83 and stay on honor roll. On top of that you do performing arts and you get two degrees because of it.
The teachers are very nice and friendly. Similarly to most other high schools the teachers can be annoying, but overall the teachers are nice, they know what they're talking about and they care about the students.
PAAAS in my opinion was a great school. People expect PAAAS to be like "Fame" or those other Performing Art movies on television. Honestly, it is all about what you make of it. The academics here are UNTOUCHABLE, and I am glad I did not go to any other school.
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Teachers at this school are great! When I attended PAAAS, many of my teachers taught lessons by putting real life lessons into their teaching styles. Whether it was math, social studies, or English, the real life lessons helped students get a better understanding of what was being taught!
The school PAAAS does not have a lot of dangerous people in it so the security is not as high as other schools and the nurse is here and there if the problem is to big all he does is call your parents to send you home.
PAAAS offers a few clubs. The clubs are held every Friday morning and for 30 minutes. In my opinion the clubs are average but if the school had the right resources it could be better.
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