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Plainedge Senior High School Reviews

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Great school. Teachers care and spend their time offering extra help. Sports are average to above average and theater is good.
I loved the small school feel. The teachers were terrific. Lessons were always thought out. Classes are so small that you get a lot of attention from teachers.
They treat students like adults. The principal is very involved. He attends most school events. He is also an amazing English teacher. Sports were fun. Our teams are always very successful. We have had many all county athletes. Most of the coaches were caring and inspiring. The music department was my favorite. The choir teacher is amazing. Choir tour is the highlight every year for us. Our concerts are broadcast on the internet for the family to see if they cannot be there. The security system is so good. You always feel safe to be there. When something happens at the school, they make everyone aware of the facts. Many families stay in Plainedge, mostly for the schools. Most parents are graduates of the school district.
They have some of the best teachers. They go above and beyond to make sure you meet all graduation requirements and help a lot with the college applications. Teachers really support their students and will help them reach their full potential.
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While it's sweet that its a small community and I found great people who went here, overall there is a warped sense of reality. It's hard to see life outside of Plainedge and almost everyone here cannot see through this haze. I feel as an alumni I had poor prep for when I had to go to the "real world". Some of the teachers are amazing but it is incredibly close-minded and you'll have to do some work to break from this mold.
Plainedge really was very supportive in my readiness to go to college and any help I needed I always had somewhere to find it there. I was never sent away and if I still needed anything after graduating my teachers or any faculty there would still be happy to help.
School is extremely cliquey and this pushes some students to the outside rather than having their moments to shine. Athletics is favored sometimes over academics. I feel the school has the resources, if only they would use them more efficiently.
Attending the #1 business school right now I could attest that Plainedge prepared me academically with rigorous AP courses and honors courses as well. besides from academics must mention the lack of knowledge the guidance counselors collectively share of schools outside the SUNY system. They seem fixed on sending kids to a SUNY school. Attending a school outside of New York exposed me to things I cannot put into words. In a sense I.T made me more cultured.
Plainedge is very sport-centered. This means that people with academic or artistic inclinations do not get the sufficient attention needed to prepare them for their future. The research program cannot compete at a local level, clubs are not active (just used as a resume booster), the arts department is on a tight budget and always scrambling for supplies, teachers aren't comfortable with their material, and our sports teams aren't even successful. While Plainedge is a tight-knit community, overall, it is a community that does not value the arts or academics, and it lacks in diversity.
Very loving community, but small school. Unfortunately, some AP classes were unable to run because there weren't enough kids to take it. This probably wouldn't happen in a bigger school district.
My experiences at Plainedge were definitely unforgettable. I loved all my teachers because they were always there for me when I needed them. Since it is a small district it felt more like a family than a school.
I really enjoy how involved the teachers are. How they are involved with their students and want them to succeed
The teachers are amazing, school safety is definitely not something to worry about in this high school. The ethicity in this school are mostly Caucasian but they are all very friendly. The school is old but it is decent for learning, there are plenty of clubs to join and sports as well and I would say many students has a great friend group so they are not worried about depression or any issue like that.
Plainedge Senior High School is a well kept, respectful school where all of the kids are ambitious and energetic. The school does a good job of getting every kid involved in something that they work hard at and enjoy for the rest of their school tenure. They only have one bathroom which is in very poor condition and there is no AC in any part of the building but had enough money to pay for a new football and baseball field.
Plainedge High School exposes their students to so many different kinds of classes for all different interests. The teachers are always willing to go above and beyond for their students. Being able to take college courses and getting the credit for it during your Junior and Senior year is a wonderful benefit. My son has taken their internship classes which has been a positive experience too.
I'm currently a senior and I love my school. Though it lacks diversity and the building is a little old, I have had my best memories in this school. The music program is excellent, and there are many opportunities for students to participate in clubs, societies and a variety of classes. I've personally enjoyed the international trips, drama club, orchestra and many of the school's AP classes. The teachers are generally funny, kind and knowledgeable about their subject of choice. I have enjoyed my time here and will look back on high school fondly because of Plainedge.
It's a semi small school which keeps class sizes small and ensures everyone knows each other. Sports are very good but the school seems to prioritize them over academics at points. Offers honors and AP courses but only 1-2 AP classes are offered per course which means you might not even be able to take them if they don't fit perfectly into your schedule. Guidance doesn't help at all and is never around. Most of the teachers are amazing though and will help you out. Also the music programs are excellent! Orchestra gets gold or gold with distinction every year at NYSSMA.
It was a very thriving environment that helped me prepare for college. My teachers helped show me my potential and pushed me to excel. The music department is well above average for the area and was one of my favorite parts of high school.
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I loved moving here from Brooklyn to attend High School here. This school was and still is the best school my parents could have chosen. The faculty we're so helpful throughout my college process. I have become so close to some of the teachers there and I would not change that for the world.
As a high school senior student in the Plainedge Senior High School District I had a great experience. I felt the faculty prepared me for my next step towards college education. I was involved in the High School marching band for 4 years and the High School Varsity Volleyball team for my senior which I learned teamwork, leadership skills, and how to work together with my classmates.
Plainedge High School is a nice community school. Most of the student get along because it's small so you know everyone. Most of the teachers are nice and help you not only with school work but real world issues. I've gotten to know many people and I'm going to be a little sad when I graduate and it all comes to an end. I'm excited to get out of the plainedge district though and meet many new people.
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