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From my experience, Placer high school is very inclusive, and doesn’t revolve around cliques. Most of the staff puts their best foot forward everyday and tries exceedingly hard to make sure students are where they need to be academically.
The teachers are real characters, but some cannot properly explain the subjects they teach. Some students that need further elaboration fall short and classes are not often long enough to go through a full lesson plan. Baring the teachers previously mentioned the honors and AP classes are great and exciting for interested students. Students also have many resources at the school from counselors, to study hall, to the ROTC programs. A variety of clubs and sports are also offered at placer high, there is something for everyone.
Placer High School is a great learning environment, with a sprawling campus and warm student body. However, a few teachers are not up to par.
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I loved Placer High School. My whole family has been going there for years. Best teachers and made so many friends! Had so much fun.
Placer is a diverse school with a very open ended high school experience. Between massive rallies and sporting events and open campus lunch Placer brings a unique freedom to students, with excellent sport programs for anyone wishing to play. Academics aren't as highly valued, however, with a limited spread of Advanced Placement and Honors programs. The four by four schedule also forces learning into an 18 week span, which makes some reading intensive classes difficult. Overall, however, peers are supportive and the teachers are excellent.
Placer has a place for everyone. You can be heavily involved in academics, sports, or clubs and will thrive no matter who you are. The teachers here incredibly forgiving and are willing to help and adapt if necessary. There are many opportunities including AP classes (including distance learning classes), a variety of clubs (whether it be community service, human rights, environmental, or even anime club), and sports for everyone. Placer encourages students to get involved and enjoy their high school experience in the way they find best.
Good people and good teachers. Great sport programs. Getting new classes to get ready for college. The four years were great and the band made everything way better! The teacher is amazing. Could possible have more college readiness classes like the Life Skills class!
Placer high school is an excellent educational institution. I have created some of my fondest memories there. Participation in extracurricular activities such as basketball, environmental club, and key club has enriched my life.
I love the old culture the high school has to offer as it has been around for centuries. I also love the strong athletic program it has to offer. The academics are great but I wouldn't say they are very good for college readiness, I would like to see that change. Other than that I love the school, the staff, and the other students.
The school spirit is off the charts, the support for Placer is uncanny. It's in a relatively small town, not too small nor too big. The scenery is beyond beautiful and so is the weather.
I had a great time while attending Placer High School. Most of the teachers are amazing and care for the students. I transferred to Placer High School at the beginning of my sophomore year (2011) and made friends quickly. Most students are friendly and school spirt definitely is present here. It's a high school with rich history were generations after generations of different families have attended. Placer High School being an open campus is awesome, students aren't limited to only eating at the cafeteria.
Placer is a wonderful high school with teachers who care and is located in a great community. The school offers differing levels of academics which allows the student to choose classes that match their pace and academic rigor. I believe Placer prepared me very well for college.
Placer High School is a great school, with many different courses and opportunities. The campus is very large and beautiful, and the teachers working there are almost all excellent, with a vast knowledge of their subject. There are a wide variety of AP and ROP classes, as well as many clubs supporting different social and political issues.
I loved the community and how everyone was in the spirit of our school, especially with our sports. I played on the women's varsity soccer team and I had so much support not just from the people cheering us on, but from the players. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Placer High School.
School seems to dedicate resources predominantly to sports and non academic avenues and departments are essentially held up by one or two enthusiastic and helpful individuals while the rest are sub-par.
I attended Placer High School for two years. I came in as a Sophomore as a transfer from a Southern California high school and I was welcomed with open arms by the volleyball program as well as the teachers and fellow students. Placer was a wonderful experience for me!
I have been a student a PHS since I was a freshman. PHS has a beautiful 100 yr old campus. I feel very comfortable here and will miss the teachers and coaches when I leave for college. I would like to pass on to future students to stay in school and get involved in sports and school activites.
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Placer High School has a great learning atmosphere with excellent sport teams and a great music and theater department. The band is exceptional and has great tradition, as well as a learning and growing environment.
Most of the teachers are wonderful and really connect with their students. My favorite experience was in the music department. If you are on the fence about joining the department you defiantly should. The history behind the school is also very cool.
I loved PHS!! Great school and for the most part great staff. There are some really amazing teachers who make up for those who lack teaching abilities:)
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