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P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School Reviews

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Was a very good performing arts school when I attended, but due to new administration it has gone very down hill because they are switching focus to sports.
I was in Kindergarten when I started at PK Yonge, and as an elementary schooler, and even as a middle schooler, there where no particularly major flaws until I started high school classes, but in high school, PK Yonge has left me wishing there was more. More attention to the students, more care for their wishes, more particular about the teachers they hired. My first high school class was in 8th grade when I took algebra 1 honors, during that year I had over five different math teachers, 3 of which weren't even math teachers, and my mathematics education hasn't improved much since then. But I must stress, many of the teachers care deeply for their students, its the higher ups that seem to only care about the reputation of the school, not the happiness of the students enrolled.
I like how PK is different from other schools because we do a different thing every year. I’d like to see the bathrooms change though.
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PK is an amazing school when it comes to the performing art and the diversity within the school. I feel like there is a lack in college readiness due to the fact that due dates and teachers are so flexible.
I liked how renovated everything feels for the elementary section. I hope to see development in the middle and high schools though. It is primarily focused on Performing Arts but slightly lacks everywhere else.
P.K. Yonge DRS has truly been a great experience in my life. All of the teachers really care about their students and they go out of their way in providing them with the necessary resources to succeed in the real world. In addition, the community is very diverse and everyone their is very kind and supportive of one another. I am truly grateful that I got to be a part of the Blue Wave community.
PK Yonge was the only school I ever attended. I have been here from kindergarten to 12th grade. I never received preschool education. But PK provided me not only adequate education, they provided me a family and an environment to thrive. This school gives all students the opportunity to be well rounded. For example, I participate in three sports but I also am in the art program and am the president of a few clubs. Overall my experience has been unforgettable. The few things that I’d like to change are the curriculum in elementary where they mix grades together. Such as students in 4th and 5th grade are out together in a class and learn the same material. This causes potential problems because the 4th graders learn the same material the coming year. I also would like to change the cafeteria food to a more healthier and fresher option. The food is heavily refrigerated and not as healthy as other meal options.
P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School is an overall good school. For PK to be a K-12 school I would say that it is a safe school to be at. Our school is pretty small, it produces a family environment. As for sports Basketball is great, Soccer is great, Baseball is great, Volleyball is great, and swimming and diving is great. As for the other sports we may need some help. The learning is advanced, plenty of classes to choose from to jump-start your future here at PK. There are also plenty of clubs to choose from too, and I forgot to mention that our school is very diverse.
The teachers and the activities are great. The school is also pretty organized and the kids are kind and care about one another a lot from my experience.
P.K. Yonge is a great K-12 school any kid or teenager would want to go to. It had great resources, teachers, and clubs to help you feel welcome and feel more prepared for college. They have a wide of sports you can be involved in and the coaches always make sure you feel part of the team. The teachers hold help sessions so if you are confused or have questions about any material you can get help. I say P.K. Yonge is a A+ school.
I enjoy the diverse and small school environment. At P.K. Yonge every student has the opportunity to play sports; compared to other big school that students have to try out and if they do not make it then they cannot participate in their sport. At P.K. Yonge players have to try out as well, but they still get to be part of the team if they are an average player.
I love that the school is a bit smaller and the connection it has with the University of Florida. I also love the diversity of students.
This was the best school, as I was known as a LIFER. I attended from Kindergarten all the way to the 12th grade. I was very well known, I was involved in many activities. The teachers were great and helped out a lot. I remember being a safety patrol in elementary to becoming a Varsity cheerleader in high school. I will never forget my years at P.K.
An excellent school that challenges students to think outside the box while keeping them in a safe, nurturing environment akin to that of the University of Florida
PK has gone through a lot of changes this year; new teachers, new scheduling and new administration. It is a pretty average school, but it's nice you can go there from K-12. They offer pretty okay classes and there are program is very well-off.
I attended P.K Yonge and couldn't image going to another k-12 school. There is a Performing arts program that is outstanding and absolutely loved being a part of it!
The school itself boasts about having an out-door environment but really they were just to lazy to build hallways. I went there for about 7 years and though it wasn't bad, it wasn't great. The curriculum was sub-par at best, the only thing they have is the performing arts program and they really don't even have that anymore. The program believes it is the best thing since sliced bread and most people would disagree. I personally was not impressed. There were some good professors there when I was but they are probably gone now. So good luck to anyone planning on going there.
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The elementary school is great and builds a solid academic and social foundation. The middle school program has a strong culture but every student will have a different experience academically.
This school is a research school for the University of Florida, so it is public but selective in order to meet demographic requirements. The small school was a great experience for a transferring student. My experience with academics here was good, but sometimes, being a research school, different programs that are implemented may not run very smoothly. Generally, teachers care about the students and are able to provide individual attention due to small, tight-knit classes. Campus, administration, and food services are all in need of repair.
P. K. Yonge is a special place, with a close knit community that is also welcoming to newcomers and those who are different. The teachers here deeply care for the students, but the administration is ambivalent at best, completely oblivious as a norm, and disregarding at worst. However, the teachers make up for this disparity with administration with the attention and care they give to the students. There are many resources available to students, and a lot of extra-curricular activities that cover all interests. There is nowhere else I would have spent my high school years.
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