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Piute High school is one of the greatest High Schools ever! It has students that rarely bully another kid because of anything! Basically this is a school that is very supportive of every student and all the teachers want to see you succeed. They also make Accommodations for anyone with disabilities and help to bring them joy and happiness. They provide many opportunities for the students to be involved with the diversity of the many clubs they have. This is probably one of the safest high schools that you can go to, once you step in the doors you will feel at ease with the kind spirits that are dwelling in the school.
Sports are a huge thing at our school! We dont have football, so basketball is our main sport. The whole town goes crazy when it comes to basketball games.
Piute High School is very unique because of how small it is. Everybody knows everybody and they are all so kind to one another and truly care about each other's success.
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They portray a lo of interest towards each and every student and truly care about getting to know them personally.
Some classes are outstanding some are mediocre. No options in classes.
Small enough that everyone's knows everyone and anything unusual is noticed and dealt with quickly. Also some teachers and administrators have concealed carry permits and provide armed security. The county sheriff attends all the home sporting events and is proactive in working with students.
Mostly sports. The FBLA club competes nationally every year. FFA has lots of activities. The Speech and Debate team is great and lots of students get involved in the school musical and drama club.
Some teachers really care about students and are seem to love teaching. Some teachers seem burnt out and are just there to collect a paycheck. A few teachers are awful about grading, don't put grades in in a timely manner or play favorites in how they grade. Even though there are some mediocre teachers, in general the school as a whole cares about students and is small enough to feel like a family.
I love everything about my school! In my opinion SUU is the best school in the world that a person can attend!
We have a small school which means we don't get a different variety of things to do but the ones that we do have we do great in and they help us in different ways.
Most teachers are pretty good. There is only one teacher that I don't even know why he's working there. We all hate him because all he makes us do in his class is watch movies.
Piute High School just got a brand new school built in 2012. We have kept everything very nice and in good condition. We have a lot of resources they let each student use I-pads to do all of their school work on. There is a lot of help and great guidance.
The teachers have a great interest in their students success. They are each well educated in each of their subjects. They take a lot of time to make sure each student understands what they are teaching. Overall I think they are excellent teachers.
A lot of bullying lately.
I love my school athletics.
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