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I think Pius is a very good school if you are looking for more diversity. Not many schools offer the things that Pius has to offer like the mod schedule and tac. I think through all of the time I spent at Pius it helped to shape me into the person I am today. It taught me social skills and how to balance my life with school and sports and free time.
I liked Pius because of the art program they have there. It definitely helped me develop my skills as an artist. I am hoping to attend an art college, and the Pius art program has helped me greatly on the path towards that. I have been able to form great relationships with the teachers at Pius.
I love the dedicated arts program at Pius XI Catholic High School. I also appreciate the flexibility and freedom of our unique schedule.
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Love the sixth floor and all the diversity of people. Parking lot needs remodeling. AC sure would be nice.
Pius has played a large place in my life and has really impacted what I plan to do in the future. The community is so great and diverse and the teachers are people that I will never forget
This is a place that is being ruined by the administration. They have no idea how to handle kids or their parents. The President is egotistical and to powerful here. She threatens and expels like it is her only job. The sports have been ruined by admin that doesn't care about it. They only want your 10k a year and after that, you no longer exist to them. It is scary how poorly the administration treats its students, the hearings they have for discipline may as well be held in a dark room at the CIA Headquarters as they harass and threaten you. Its shameful.
My last few years there were different than when it started. Office personnel were very anti gay, and school administrators only cared about sports teams and test scores.
Pius XI Catholic High School is a very diverse, friendly, amazing school to send a kid to school. The Pius community is extremely kind and welcomes everyone with open arms. You will not regret sending your child to Pius XI Catholic High School.
The simple fact that the teachers genuinely care about your future is one thing that sets this school apart. The staff members are approachable and well suited for their jobs. The diversity of both the students and the subjects offered allow any enrolled student to flourish. They hold a golden standard for academic achievement and excellence.
Pius XI High School is a community. The teachers are always willing to help with homework or on a subject you don't understand. Not only that but there also opportunities to help other students with peer tutoring. One could also be involved in the wide range of sports and clubs. The diversity of the student body is what makes Pius, Pius.
Pius XI High School is a very welcoming community. The preparation for college is focused and a success. There’s a lot of resources that are easy to approach. One of Pius’ most unique thing is their schedule. The block schedule/ mods really puts you in control of how to manage your time.
Pius XI Catholic High School gave me the best possible high school experience for me personally. The staff is incredible, and the students are extremely welcoming. At Pius XI, teachers and faculty engage with their students to form a wonderful relationship. Faith and Catholic values are encouraged and well-shown at this great institution. Pius XI has been a great experience for me. I have learned so much from their strong academics, compassionate teaching and values, and will carry out what I learned into my future. I am very proud to say that I go to Pius XI Catholic High School. It is very different from most, being known nationally for their fine arts department, being one of the most diverse high schools in Wisconsin, and being a place that I can call home.
My experience at Pius has been pretty mediocre. Overall, this is not an academically challenging school and most students are pretty apathetic toward basically everything, but the diversity is excellent and there are many stellar teachers.
Pius is a diverse school that introduces young people to the strengths and challenges that diversity brings. Through the arts program which is ranked as one of the best in the world, our exceptional theater along with academics, we are challenged to express ourselves. To find your voice in the world is a the gift of education at Pius XI High School.
The school is going down hill. A lot of turn over and there seems to be no real interest in keeping the good teachers. The school is run down and needs remodeling. There's no consistency among the administration. Litterally everyone says something different. Guidance dept. didn't do anything to help me pick a college of find scholarships to afford it.
I wanted to attend Pius XI High School because of my interest in the arts, specifically drama. After applying and being accepted at several high schools, Pius was the best fit. I enjoyed the TAC (Teacher Advisor Contact) rooms because it was considered my “home away from home.” The instructors were also known as our TAC parents who made sure we had a pleasant experience at Pius. There was a mixture of the grade levels in the rooms. The one thing I would like to change is updating the school. Reason being, most of the classrooms do not have air conditioning, and some of the rooms were hot and stuffy during the spring months. Secondly, due to the location of the school, there is no space dedicated to outdoor sports. For example, when I was on the tennis team, we had to drive to a tennis court.
Pius was encouraging of all my endeavors. I was able to participate in performances and forensics. I also appreciated the teachers that particularly took an interest in my life. They have a unique program called TAC and this allowed me to develop a relationship with one teacher for my entire 4 years everyday. I referred to her as my TAC mom and she will always hold a special place in my heart.
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The class schedule is very open and flexible, similar to a college student's class schedule. The sports facilities are nice. There are a wide range of classes to take, majority geared towards what you want to do after High School. A lot of students run into conflicts with teachers and staff members. Many athletes, especially those of color, have a hard time with coaches and specific sports programs.
My experience at Pius XI was amazing! I loved every minute of the diverse atmosphere and extra curricular activities.
I thought this school was very diverse and welcoming community. From the moment I stepped into this school, I knew it was right for me. I grew up loving the arts, and this school was just right for me. There is a wide range of creativity in this school as well. Teachers push the students to be the best that they can be, and to not be scared of taking risks.
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