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Pius X has been incredibly welcoming to its new students. As a freshman, I sincerely love each day at school. If I ever have any problems, I know the school will always do its best to fix it.
Pius is a well rounded school that prepares you for the future and truly cares about you. The teachers are knowledgeable and willing to help you when needed. They prepare you for the ACT's and additional life skills. The grounds are neat and clean and welcoming. The students are from all backgrounds and ethnicity which supports treating others with respect and kindness. It is a place where you always feel safe and respected, much like a second home. All sports and clubs are very well supposed by students, parents, and faculty. It is a school where you learn your regular subjects as fell and learn about God and increase your faith in God.
Pius impacted me in many ways. There were good times, I made lots of close friends and met great teachers, but there were also bad times with drama and stress over homework. I agree and disagree with many things that go on at Pius but overall my four years were not that bad.
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I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Pius Highschool. The teachers always had their doors open for students to come in and talk to them about the subject in class, sports, or any problems one was having. Pius teachers also pushed students to strive to be their best and turn in their best work. Pius offers many different afterschool organizations and plenty of sports teams for one to join. Students can always find a club or team that they enjoy. Pius also offers a variety of classes along with the standard core classes. Pius does an exceptional job of letting seniors and juniors know what scholarships are available and even help students apply for them. The students at Pius are the same as any high school except everyone at Pius understands what it means to be a community.
They had little communication with the parents. My daughter and son went there for a year and was struggling all year. The school was not doing much to help even when I got the tutors they still were struggling. They are now doing better in a different School. This was just my kids experience and I hope that every student gets the best education they can get.
Pius is an excellent school academically. Teachers really want to help students succeed. However, administration can be stubborn, and unopen to change. They are very strict about unimportant things. Overall though, Pius is an excellent school. Teachers try very hard to ensure students are prepared for college.
Pius X prepared me for college by offering numerous college prep courses. It also provide me with the opportunity to participate in various extra-curricular activities that allowed me to become a well-rounded individual.
Specifically, I enjoyed the Christian atmosphere. The love and caring was obvious throughout the school community.
If I were to change anything, I would say maybe offer more food choices that are vegetarian or vegan. My experience at Pius has been very positive and I would recommend others to send their loved ones to this school. The friends I made will be a part of my life forever. I feel the teachers and the administration really care about us as students and soon to be successful graduates.
I loved my time at Pius X. The teachers were great and the school had an amazing sense of belonging. There wasn't a time during my attendance at Pius that I didn't feel welcome. The counselors and administration are excellent! They truly care about every single one of the students.
As a senior, I have found being a student at Pius X High School to be a great way in preparing me for college. The academics are as challenging as you wish them to be. I wish they could offer more AP classes though. Students can be very cliquey. Many of the students are stuck in their own friend groups and aren't very welcoming of new people. Overall, Pius has given me a positive high school experience.
It has been a blessing to have my high school memories at Pius X high school. Pius is one giant family and that's one of my favorite reason of going there. Other students, staff and administration are truly there to help you if you are ever in need. Teachers are always willing to go beyond and help students reach their potential. I also love that I am able to learn more and spread my Catholic faith everyday at Pius. We are blessed to have a chapel right in the middle of our school that is open to everyone. Pius also has priests and religious sisters from our diocese to teach our theology classes and help provide daily mass and confession for us. I believe Pius is a wonderful school that helps deepen each students faith and prepares them for the future. As always, go bolts!
I have been attending Pius X high school for 3 years now. I've learned so much from my time being here. Pius does an excellent job academically teaching students a variety of subjects. There's a wide selection of classes that many students enjoy and learn lots from. My favorite classes are definitely my English classes. I have loved all of my past English teachers, starting from the teacher I had somopmore year when I came to Pius. The teachers I had were very knowledgeable and passionaste in their profession and they provided me with a nice and welcoming learning environment. The staff are also very attentive and resourceful for the students. I've gone to my conselors when I'm in need of help or advice in school or for personal problems. The students at Pius set a perfect example of what a well disciplined child of Christ is like. Through the theology classes that Pius offers, we as students grow each year as we learn more about our catholic faith.
Pius is like one big family. Everyone is so welcoming and kind and the environment is easy to adjust to. The faculty members are all very helpful and more than willing to help people out.
Pius X is an amazing school, the class sizes are small and the teachers want you to succeed. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Pius provides not only a great education, but also a fun environment to be involved in. There are so many clubs and activities to be involved in. My favorite part about my experience at Pius is the football games. Our student section is one of the best. Everyone dresses along with the theme and it is just a great environment to be around. One thing I would change about Pius is the lockers. They are big enough to fit everything but it gets crowded. It would be nice to have larger lockers. Another thing I would change is the dress code. I want to be able to wear my own sweatshirt and not a uniform sweatshirt.
Pius X has really helped form me into a better version of my self. It has shown me that I can do anything that I want to do and I have learned this with the help of great teachers.
Pius is a great school that has provided me with an excellent Catholic education. It has prepared me for college and has helped develop me as person and prepared me for adulthood.
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Being a student at Pius X High School, it is an overall great experience. Because the school is smaller than most high schools, the culture there is rather tight-knit. I feel a greater sense of belonging there because the students know each other, and I could identify a majority of students in my class. The teachers are caring and committed to our education. They are willing to go the extra mile to help a student out who needs it. The standards are high at Pius X High School, and the classes are tougher as well, however, the students are willing to take on new challenges. There is a plethora of clubs and activities to join as well. If there is a crisis in the lives of a student, the school will come together and assist in comforting and support. I can say this from personal experience.
It's a good school with a good moral compass. It gives students plenty of opportunities regardless of where they come from. The only place where this fails to occur is the performing arts part, where it seems favorites are very clearly chosen above others which is kind of disappointing
Pius is a great school, the teachers do their very best to teach us, the atmosphere and other students are enjoyable. I've met some many wonderful people. Pius could really improve a lot of things but for now the school is doing it's best where it's at.
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