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I am a Sr. a PHS and I love it here. The staff is amazing! The other students do enjoy it here and are more than prepared for college.
Most of the teachers were amazing and always super helpful. There are a lot of class options and course opportunities. If you can't find a class that you want to take or if there isn't a class within the year that you want to take, you can take a class online either through Rural Virtual Academy or a Distance Learning class. I loved learning and the classes but I hated all the people.
The entire staff at PHS goes above and beyond to ensure their students have the best opportunity to be successful in their post high school life.
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Most of the teachers are appropriate in their grading but some teachers are not adequate in their grading. Some teachers have only one learning technique and if you don't understand something instead of explaining it a different way they explain it the same way they taught you the first time. The student-teacher relationship at PHS is usually pretty strong. It is a small school, so everyone knows everyone and it is easy to grow a bond with your teachers, and feel comfortable with them.
My school is a close knit community. Most students are involved in numerous things, making them show up in support of athletics and non-athletics. There is a sense of community; we know how to band together in hard times. I was homeschooled until ninth grade, and if I had to go back, I would choose Pittsville again. I have enjoyed the close relationships I have formed with fellow students and teachers. I have found my experiences in sports, music, and clubs generally positive and nurishing.
There is almost no diversity. We have one adopted student, and one family that has moved here. Social scene has quite a bit of peer pressure.
We have quite a bit for a school our size.
Everything about this school is great, but the grades that will be in the high school in the next 5 years are not good. They have no respect for anyone. They are some of the worst students I've seen. There are a few good kids, but their surrounded by bad influences. The sports coaches are also very influenced by who your family is. If you move here, you need to be 10 times better to have a chance at playing, even the smallest bit of time.
It would be better if the cooks could do more than just take food out of a bag and heat it up. They don't have to do much.
We have just gotten a new principle, and he is a lot better at discipline than our previous principle. He is more consistent, and enforces rules more.
We have quite a few students who go out for sports. We have been very successful in Baseball, but in all other sports, most people don't earn their spot, it's given to them because they come from a rich or previously successful family. Our coaches are average, Baseball has one of the best in the state, but football and basketball have had changes, including losing a very good coach in both.
We have above average teachers. We have been changing a lot of them in the last couple years, but I still think that we have some of the best teachers in the state.
We have very good club leaders and participation in clubs. The only thing is that being a small town, some people are given positions that they don't deserve.
I love my friends and have lots of Pittsville Pride.
Depends on the day for quality.
The community and school is very supportive of sports.
Pittsville is known for academic success.
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Out programs are fun, successful, and involved.
Principal is too strict for such a small school.
Equipment is great but sports teams suck.
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