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I have made many good memories at Pittston Area. As I reflect on the last twelve years I have both positive and negative opinions. Overall I have liked my teachers, however there are only a few that I feel have really prepared me for college. I feel that our school should offer more AP classes to better prepare us for college.
Some of the teachers are amazing and very nice but, some are more strict. The nurses are amazing and always make sure you get what you need. The have an assortment of clubs but are open to adding more.
It has a typical High School environment . The teachers want students to succeed . The administration is very incompetent . They have good sports programs and clubs . There is always a technical issue going on .
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I really liked some of my teachers and felt that I was really learning and understanding the material through their teachings. What is would like to see change is the school to offer more opportunities to students in preparation for college such as better curriculum for certain courses, opportunities to visit colleges, and resources to meet with people from their intended career field.
Pittston Area is lacking in diversity, cleanliness, and empathy. However, the teacher genuinely care about their students and try their hardest. The students are actually quite respectful to each other, but drugs are definitely a problem.
For the most part, my main classes are well organized and taught. Outside of that, there are a few glaring problems with how information is spread. I often receive reminders for events or clubs that I do not participate in, or for classes I am not in/have already take (i.e. Bio and Algebra Keystones when I took them over the previous two years). On top of that, I rarely receive reminders for far more important things, such as when registration for important organizations like the NHS are due by.
I like how education can be at times and the senior project we can choose what we want to do in life not something else. They need to change how they discipline kids and run the school. The kids can be out of control and someone needs to take action and the principal doesn’t take action. They aren’t the worst school in the area maybe the most calm at times by some other schools. We start early and get don’t by 2:15 which I like so I can have the day to do things I need to do unlike some other schools that start later and get done later
I enjoyed the art and music student communities. I wish they would invest in a second art teacher so that we could actually utilize the ceramics kiln and learn about other media and arts rather than just the same projects again and again. Also the music program is highly underrated. Especially in comparison to the football program, who are exalted, but rarely won in my high school career.
I wish those in positions of power would use it for good rather than nothing. Disappointed to see how tumultuous a school environment is.
Administration is not personable/approachable. No diversity and inclusion initiatives. Academics did not prepare me for college.
I would say it is a good school. Building is very well kept and safe. The teachers are very knowledgeable and promote a good learning environment. The downside is sports. You start and get more playing time if you are related to district personnel even though others are better at the sport.
You can get the full high school experience at Pittston Area with many clubs to choose from and sports events. However, I wish they had a better drama program for the students who are more into theater.
Overall I have had a great time attending this school. Wish the food was better and there weren't any gross bugs.
Hated it. The students are horrible and mean. I always here racist and sexist remarks. I would say half the teachers suck amd don't know how to teach. But the other half are very good.
Overall facilities are average with a number of exceptional teachers (especially in A/P and honors classes).
Bullying is still an issue and since its a small school if you don't know the correct people often you're left behind. though the teachers are amazing
School offers sporting activities and clubs
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The curiculum needs to change. The school needs to prepare students for college
I wish we had some other classes. I also don't think the order in which we take some classes makes much sense. Some teachers don't follow curriculum. My advanced social studies class this year did not do anything with our "long term sub".
The social scene is relatively good, everyone seems to have their one little group
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