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Pittsgrove Township Middle School Reviews

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They are not many extracurricular activities, but the ones that exist are pretty fun. There's spring track and the band.
Some of my favorite experiences were during the dances and Wildcat Wildness. The classes would gather and compete in different activities.
Most of the teachers that work at this middle school have been teaching for awhile and know what they are doing.
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My son was in all accelerated classes, and while there is no single program that is going to challenge all students equally, I still feel the programs were somewhat rigorous.
not bad, not too good...just average
Athletics are pretty good. We love the coaches.
Most of the teachers are truly good. With a few arrogant people such as Mr. Hirschkopf.
Very unfair and cold administration. They think they are better than you in any way. You do not stand any chances to vouch for your child. You do not have a voice. Guidance is not really helping in any way as well. Only students from "influential families" are recognized. I am recommending a private school. We are very disappointed.
VERY UNFAIR!!!!! Different measures for kids from different families. If a child is from an influential family, the child is punished "less". My child was attacked, and fought back to defend self, but got 5 days out of school suspension even though even a teacher backed him up. Administration does NOT reason. VERY SELFISH, COLD and UNFRIENDLY.
Tutoring is almost impossible. They offer tutoring, but often the teacher tutors only till 3pm. There are no buses because of fund cuts. My child could not get tutored because I work till 5pm and there was no way for me to pick him up. Totally unfair.
Parents are not required to sign in, they let you in just by looking at you. You do have to go to the office, but you do not sign in. No one ever asked me to show my ID.
It has different rules for different kids. If you don't have the right skin color, or you do not have any influence in the district, too bad. They do not care about you or your kid.
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