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Pittsford Sutherland High School Reviews

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Sutherland prepares students very well for college. Students take for granted the quality of the teachers (for the most part) as well as how much the teachers want you to succeed. Little to no diversity and a very liberal vibe. Many students are very well off and that is easy to see. The food and the parking lot are not up to par but when thinking about about sending your kids to a high school, academics come first and this is the one to be at.
Pittsford Sutherland is known for its high success level and for the high percentage of students that go on to receive a higher level of education. Furthermore, it offers a variety of elective classes and programs that allow students to explore their interests in an in depth setting with others that share the same passion as them. While this school does an excellent job of preparing its students for college, it often fails to teach them and emphasize the importance of simple things, such as empathy and the ability to recognize how fortunate they are.
A nice small nit community with teachers who are highly involved. Teachers are amazing here and are very interested in our well being. Students can feel safe and comfortable at Sutherland. There is a wide variety of electives to choose from and no one is denied the opportunity to find their path. The sports teams are decent and being on one is very fun, and teaches hard work and dedication. Students are held to high standards which makes the transition to college, and getting accepted into colleges a lot easier.
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It was generally positive. The school was very good at getting me college-ready, and I felt thankful that I had the opportunity to go there.
I liked how the teachers pushed me to do my best. Also all the teachers were willing to help you if you put in the effort.
As an alum of Pittsford Sutherland, I would say that the best part of the school has always been the teachers and the care they have towards students. Teachers are always willing to talk to students and get to know them as people, and will always go the extra mile to help a student who is struggling, whether academically or personally.
It all takes a few teachers to make all the difference. I loved my photography teacher, he was able to hone in on something I was really interested in, and that itself gave me what I needed to stay in school. The environment is a basic high school so nothing much out of the ordinary.
This school prepared me well for college and the teachers were very helpful if that’s the path you wanted to take, but less helpful if you did not want to pursue college.
Great teachers and amazing college prep! This school is an amazing mix of athletics and academics. One of the best around.
Such a great place filled with teachers that really care about you. There's a lot of school spirit especially for the Superfan section at basketball games. You feel part of a really strong community and its easy to be involved around school and around town.
I like the variety of classes and the layout of the high school. More student activities and more opportunities for field trips and out-of-school learning experiences would be nice.
I believe that the academics were very good and it was a semi-diverse school. The school should have provided more classes.
Teachers were very engaged and approachable. They all were passionate about teaching their respective subject and projected that passion into students. Taking AP classes definitely helped prepare me for the college workload and expectations
The staff at Pittsford Sutherland is generally outstanding. Teachers encourage growth and care about their students. There is an extremely wide range of courses available to students, and this allows them to explore many different subject matters and prepare for college and real life. I wish the school was more diverse and unified, but overall it is a great place to learn and grow.
As a senior at Pittsford Sutherland High School, I am very grateful that I have been able to have such a positive and impactful experience. The staff at Pittsford Sutherland High School have contributed to my experience in so many different ways that have helped me achieve the kind of academic success that I have accomplished today. One way the staff here is so great is because it is very obvious that the teachers are happy to be at school and genuinely want the best for all of us students. The amount of effort that my current and past teachers have put into my education and academic achievements is something that I will always be grateful for.
Sutherland was a great experience. The teachers and resources available to students prepare them well for college. But, the education is what you make of it - a student who slacks off will not gain much from the resources and curriculum.
I love my school! It is constantly pushing us as students do be the best that we can possibly be. It encourages everyone to be themselves, even if they are different than others. The teachers are always doing everything they can to help when a student is in need, and when it comes time for college, they help us even more. When it came time for me to apply to college, I was nervous of course, however, all of my teachers and counselors walked me through the process. Sutherland is the perfect school for kids in the area!!
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Pittsford is not only rated high in their education, but also in diversity and anti-bullying in my eyes. it was great to be pushed every day to do my best and see results quickly.
I think the school prepared me well for college in terms of academic rigor, but students do not feel pressured to take classes which they may not feel ready for. There is a variety of classes and difficulty levels to suit students desiring advanced study as well as classes for students who may not wish to study a specific subject too rigorously. However, in every class the teachers placed a firm emphasis on honest and meaningful learning/studying of the subject being taught, and the overall behavior and attitude of students in the school reflects this. Students at this high school are typically active in the community in some way, and bring their passions to their peers in the forms of new student clubs, student events, and involvement in the art, music, and other departments of the school.
As an alum of Pittsford Sutherland High School, I can say that the faculty and students are on a league of their own. I was able to graduate after my junior year due to the help of my wonderful guidance counselor, and then was able to be steered in the right direction too. The atmosphere is a great place and it made going to school a lot easier.
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