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I’d say overall it’s a great school in terms of academics, however, there are some grievances which I and many others feel need to be addressed. Mendon needs to have a more stable and efficient teacher-hiring program, because the amount of times teachers have needed a substitute and there’s next to no one to fill in, is too many times to count, putting unnecessary stress on the teachers AND the students. In addition, another main problem many feel should be addressed is how there isn’t a non-binary bathroom in the school, which hurts the students of the LGBTQ community incredibly, having to go into the bathroom of the sex they were given at birth, instead of who they truly are. Mentally, this can be debilitating due to the already prejudice society we live in, so introducing a gender-neutral bathroom would allow the many students who need it to feel like they’re actually cared about, and not that they’re worth less than a regular person.
My experience at Pittsford-Mendon High School has been positive overall, and therefore, I feel well equipped for college next year.
Overall, very good school. The teachers are very friendly and willing to help you on any and everything you need. Campus is clean, and food is good. Student's are not the nicest to each other, but that is the only downside to this school.
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I have been going to MHS since freshman year, and I really enjoy it. I am currently completing my senior year here and I am very pleased with how the past 3 years have gone. The teachers are very accepting and helpful when you need help. They are also very understanding if something happens or comes up, which is very nice. Overall a good high school.
Pittsford Mendon High School is a unique educational and social institution. What makes Mendon awesome is that we are Viking STRONG. Our motto represents our values. The “S” stands for spirited. Whether it be sporting events, pep rallies or spirit days, we take pride seriously. Everyone does their best to get involved! The “T” means together. We work together to be accepting. We also collaborate on school and extracurricular activities. “R” means respect. We believe that everyone deserves respect because we are all humans. “O” means original. Everyone is encouraged to come up with ideas and try new approaches, but most importantly be themselves! Along with that the “N” stands for nurturing. We nurture classmates and support each other to ensure positive learning experiences. Lastly, “G” means genuine. At Mendon we put our hearts into everything. We persevere to have a genuine attitude. Mendon students are STRONG, and I believe it is a wonderful school.
I loved from the second I came through the doors, I didn't feel like I was at school. I felt like I was at home, everyone around are so generous and helping, it really feels like a wholesome family feeling. No one is excluded, and everyone has a place where they can be themselves and truly belong.
Academics were solid however many students felt an overwhelming amount of pressure to succeed. This cause many of my classmates who were brilliant to feel inferior and alone. As a minority student in any form you will feel alone and ignored unless you follow the status quo.
Honestly love mendon. Very competitive but prepares u for college. Highly rated school. Only downside is that its in the Rochester area and the winters are beyond brutal when talking about cold temperature.
For the most part, I really like my school. The teachers are great, we are very high up on the ratings in the area, and the kids are nice (better than our counter-part Sutherland by a long shot). My only problem is that since we are in a pretty wealthy area, there is 1. not a lot of diversity and 2. (and this one is a positive and negative thing) we are high up on school ratings (due to fundings and programs) but that has created an ego problem in some people.
Pittsford Mendon Highschool is all about the community. Set in an upper middle class suburb in upstate new york, everybody was clean cut from good families that placed an emphasis on education and in turn our school had a culture that valued good academic work, and had an expectation that each student will attend college.
Pittsford-Mendon High School has provided me with a phenomenal foundation for my future. I've made lifelong friends and feel incredibly prepared for my life after high school.
Mendon was a crucial stepping stone in my path to success. I would not be where I am today if not for the determination and hard work for the faculty. They taught difficult classes, but always found ways to provide any help necessary.
Mendon High Scool is a very nice school where people are able to learn in an environment where they feel safe. The teachers are amazing and they all do a great job making sure that the students fully understand what they are teaching. There are many different electives that students can take and all students are encouraged and welcome to join a variety of clubs that the school provides. There is a very large sense or school pride here too. It really helps make learning enjoyable and fun. Overall it is just a great place to be able to learn and to be.
I have overall enjoyed my time at Pittsford Mendon, the academics here are rigorous and intellectually stimulating. There's a pretty wide range of AP classes to choose from. My only issue is that the school is not very diverse from a racial or socioeconomic standpoint.
Puts extreme stress on students, pressured into taking honors and advanced placement courses. School focuses too much on their rankings than their own students.
From excellent teachers, supportive counseling services and a high standard of academic expectation Pittsford Mendon High School provided me with the optimum of readiness for my college education. There are so many advanced placement courses available and the faculty does an excellent job at preparing us for placement exams necessary for college enrollment. I feel I was better prepared than the average student at Rochester Institute of Technology for the rigor of college expectations and I have Pittsford Mendon High School to thank for that.
Pittsford-Mendon High School is a very good school with a good balance of academics, clubs, and sports. Many of the teachers do a decent job, and some that really stand out and go beyond expectations because they are seriously invested in their work. One area I would like to see improvement is discussion-based learning in the classroom. Many students, including myself, get trapped in the "memorize and forget" style of "learning", which is challenging to fix later on. I believe getting students more experience verbalizing their opinions this early on in their studies would be truly beneficial to all involved.
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Pittsford Mendon School challenges its students to achieve more than the average high school student in the country. However, it should spend more money on the languages and musics than the sports teams.
Overall, great prep for college and lots of school spirit. However there can be tendencies for cliques. Teachers are great and are always willing to help out when you're behind!
It is a district that has a high standard which helps you to push yourself to your highest level. It is challenging for those who have some learning challenges as it doesn't always support those needs and you can feel less than.
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