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Pittsford Area High School Reviews

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I consider Pittsford Area School to have an excellent education for what they are able to fund. The school does offer education for the student's needs are. Pittsford Education Staff is there for the students. Parents can set up a time to meet with the teachers. Teachers give the students information about how to get a hold of the teacher when needing help.

The hand book is very specific on how they deal with the dress code, bulling, school attendence, etc. The administrators also looks at the situation on an individual basis too.

As a parent I am very comfortable on how open the Administrators and Teachers are in supporting the students and parents. I am glad that Zachary will be graduating for Pittsford Area School this spring 2015.
Most of the students there are very friendly and welcoming.
The guidance counselor does an excellent job.
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There are not many, but they are of good quality.
I felt pretty prepared to enter college when I graduated.
Teachers are there for their students if the students want he help. They work with other teachers to help students too.
Not enough time in the day to offer what all possiblities are out there. The teachers do a great job in bring as much knowledge and tecnoligy into their lessons.
For being a small school and not having alot of money to put into all types of sports it's ok. Football is played on the Baseball field. The track is starting to need more repairs to it where replacing it would be better, but the school and booster club doesn't have taht type of money for it.
The school doesn't offer afterschool activites. They do have sports and they are great for those who participate.
The teachers at the school will give one to one teaching when ask. They really do care by coming in early or staying late to help students. They challenge the students to what they think the students are able to do.
The school doesn't have a nurse on hand, the office staff will administrate medication to students who needed, as long as there is a doctor's note stating how the medication needs to be given. The school has quarterly safety drill they preform during the year. The bulling situation is dealt on an individual basis.
Our school is showing it age, but the teachers and staff show the students new techniques and stratagies to where they need to be. If a student needs help, the parents only have to ask, and the student will get the extra help. The Dean of Students tries to have one to two colleges a month come in to talk with Seniors. She has dalily information posted about scholarships and College Fairs. The school district will go out of their way to get school of choice students to school if needed. Over all the school assisstaces the students and parents to the best of their ability.
Our guidance counselor does a great job of helping us get prepared for college.
There are only a few sports and a couple of clubs.
I really like the people here. Most people get along with everyone, more than at most schools, apparently.
There is a fairly high amount of school spirit here.
There is not a whole lot of bullying here.
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The classes that we have here are good, but there are not that many to choose from.
Our guidance counselor is very helpful when we need help planning our futures.
The students at my school are pretty accepting of each other, and we all mostly get along with one another.
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