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Pittsfield High School Reviews

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Pittsfield Middle high School is in a small town in New Hampshire so there is not much diversity. It is one of the lowest paying schools in New Hampshire, most teachers in the school really try to connect with their students on many levels. Many teachers in this school are quite excellent, they grade fairly, connect with students, hold an appropriate concern for their students, and treat their students with the utmost respect.
Everyone does whatever they want.
Should have better opinions for different groups of people.
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Not all staff but most of the staff should be replaced with teachers that care.
Teachers need to care and get to know each student individually to be successful with their teaching.
The school was very small so it experienced little to no threats while I was a student there.
The sports teams were pretty active but there was little else.
I believe I missed out on a lot of educational opportunities by going to this school.
I had several great teachers in high school who I still appreciate, but majority of them were mediocre
I think the school is pretty safe considering you cannot enter during school hours without having the door unlocked by the receptionist. However, there are no armed security guards, living in the small town that we do these are not needed at all times. It is very easy to get a police officer to the school if needed.
There are a limited amount of Extracurricular activities at this school. I wish I had the opportunity to play lacrosse or field hockey as well as attend a football game. I also wish that soccer and volleyball were during two different seasons so that I could have played both.
My favorite experience in this school would be sports. I loved the summer basketball program that allowed us athletes to go away for a weekend to attend a college for basketball camp. We also had a great summer soccer camp. I'm not sure if I would attend this school again, I wish we had more athletics and clubs for students to join.
Teaching styles need to be more engaging. Most teachers print of worksheets for students to fill out and they walk around making sure it is getting done and check if students need help.
Small school teachers are very close to students and most go above and beyond
School has plenty of team sports as well as clubs and committees that work with faculty to make school better
Very good parent/local support.People in the town always working to help support athletes and help keep fields in good shap
A lot of school spirit. Many teachers and students show support for sports games. When there are a lot of people cheering on the teams it pumps them up and helps their game.
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Of course the high school has a huge athletic fan base but I think the theater program was hugely under funded. Unless you're on a sports team other clubs do not exist.
The school is very good about knowing when someone is on school grounds and whether or not if they are welcomed visitors or unwelcomed visitors.
I loved going to school with all of the friends that I have had since daycare when were we little.
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