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This place is very dirty so I wish to see it more clean and not look like it’s falling apart but so far everything else has been good I haven’t had much time there yet but everyone is so nice and I love their plays and musicals they have there.
School itself was in a awful condition but I had a lot of great teachers and experiences that I look back on to this day.
Improved Building Conditions need to be looked into. As well as equipment replacements for things like lab classes and even the sport teams.
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Pittsfield High School has given me several opportunities over the past 4 years as an enrolled student. The school has great elective programs, really friendly and dedicated faculty members, extreme vocational programs. The one thing I would change about the school is the appearance in some areas.
The school needs to focus more on college and world preparedness rather than simply corralling the students for six hours each day.
I loved the teachers there. The ones who taught the advanced classes had a very obvious enthusiasm and love for the subject they were teaching. I would like to change how little the school district as a whole cares about the arts programs. Children want to be creative, and they should be encouraged to pursue those desires, not told they'll never get into college if they take a chorus class instead of advanced statistics.
An Overall good experience, as with any school there are things here and there that one could nitpick about. Here it’d be the bathrooms, but besides that the culture is all about learning and preparedness. The teachers are devoted to their students and their well being.
Pittsfield High School is a public school that is beginning to fail. Academic lessons are struggling to be a success mainly because the teachers here dont absolutely love what they do and if you don't love what you do then learning becomes difficult. Students fail to respect the school and teachers because theirs no good authority. The school also is such a beautiful historic building that continues to crumble and not be replaced, ceilings full of asbestos continue to leak witch causes a terrible threat to student and or teacher body. At Pittsfield High school there is no athletic fields on campus witch results in poor student involvement, as well as no student parking, which results in students having to rent parking spaces from the town itself witch is outrageous and not cost efficient for a high school student.
I’ve had 2 children graduate from this school and my youngest attends 10th grade now. For the most part the school in my experience has been average. One problem I had with both children was while preparing for college it felt as though the guidance department was not a lot of help. Much of the work was done on our own learning about steps to take applying for schools and scholarships. I’m in the process of transferring my 3rd child into an online public school where I feel she will have more support at home.
Pittsfield is average in a lot of ways, but it is still a school that allows students to challenge themselves and excel if they choose to do so.
Bathrooms, heating system and windows need to be updated. The overall school needs updating and certain teachers need to be reviewed more closely and monitored. The math department is falling apart
Some Great Teachers, Some Terrible Teachers. Not a high quality school, but you get what you make of it. A lot of unnecessary policies and teachers who are above the rules. These things just about ruin the school.
The school has been making leaps and bounds to improve everything from the lunch menu to how students learn. I've seen countless representatives from organizations such as Edutopia, published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, visit our school to interview students and record footage of students throughout their day. Visitors often come from other schools to learn from Pittsfield Middle High School as it implements things such as student based learning, project based learning, competencies, and much more. I've had the opportunity to not only try online courses, but also take courses for college credit, and study at the Concord Regional Tech Center. I've met teachers who have become friends and friends that I'll stay in touch with for a lifetime. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up in any other town or school district.
Honestly the school is very old and needs work but the academic possibilities are very high, you have many options for classes and you always have the chance to challenge yourself with many AP classes. The Teachers are mostly nice and you'll be comfortable, you'll learn if you're willing to do the work like most things.
Most of the teachers will do their day to day routine, but if you're lucky you'll get one of those really interesting and caring teachers that you can make a real connection with. Ive had the luck to have a couple of those. Your more likely to find those in a higher level class.
Although there have been some security issues/shelters in place, I feel it is for the safety of the students and I have always felt safe. There will always be individuals who do illegal acts and cause problems for the rest of the students. There is a full time officer at the school and they do the best they can to keep the school safe which is difficult due to the location and the open campus for lunch.
There are clubs for everyone. Academic and community involved clubs.
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There is a diverse student body. I am in AP classes and am familiar with my fellow honors students. Our parents are actively involved in all aspects of this school. The top 50 students in my class are all close and attend school regularly with a goal to graduate with the best education. I cannot rate the others because I am not sure of their attendance and goals.
The new nurse isn't as good as the old one but for the most part the school is still safe and healthy. The heating could be better though.
Plenty of sports to choose from, even a math club if you're into that!
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