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Pittsfield High School to me focuses on more about sports and extracurriculars, than education. It teaches you the basic knowledge you need to know, but it doesn’t push students enough to be ready for college and with our future careers.
Growing up, I had always been ready to be in high school and be a true “saukee”. Now looking back one my previous 3 years, I feel as if the time has went way too fast. Most experiences have been positive. A large part of being in Pittsfield high school was finding a place to fit in and belong. I am surrounded by hundreds of peers who are going thorough and searching for the same things I am. Our school is large enough to accommodate diverse interests and make what I’m looking for available. Yet it is small enough to not feel overwhelmed or underapreciated. Because of the small town feel, some staff are not as welcoming as others because of a certain last name or predetermined loyalties to higher staff members. This has negatively effected the sports I have played and an organization I am in. However the small town feeling can also work in the students favor. If a teacher knows your family this can make your education more personal than average and help form bonds with staff.
I had a very good high school experience. The faculty is all very nice to be around. I liked living in a small town. There were probably around 300 students in the whole school. The bad part about it, I feel like they did nothing to prepare us for college or the real world.
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I loved moving here! I moved here from a very non accepting school and growing up African American and gay in mid western Illinois, it's hard to find a school that is accepting. Thankfully after many many moves I ended up here in Pittsfield High School and I am very proud to be a Saukee.
Pittsfield has been an amazing school for me! I am currently one of the only African American students in my entire 9-12 and I am the only African American in my grade and I have been met by nothing but open arms by my teachers, administrators, and my fellow students. This school has taught me so much more than just some of the basics we need for life but it's helped me learn more about myself and what I truly want to do in life instead of just settling for easy things. Pittsfield has been my dream of a high school experience and I truly have loved it!
Pike County was named one of the safest counties in all of Illinois in 2014. That's why I feel like the need to have a lot of policemen and safety precautions is just not necessary.
Every club is ran by one of our teachers,, including sports. We offer cross country, girls' volleyball, boys' football, girls' and boys' basketball, cheerleading, Saukettes (dance team), boys' and girls' track, softball, and baseball. For clubs we offer fish club (religion), mock trial, quiz bowl, math team, WYSE, art club, student council, and speech club.
My favorite classes are Agriculture, Accounting, and Yearbook. Those are also my most stressful, but I do have to admit I learn the most from them. Being in Ag class helped me realize my importance in the FFA. I am now a four-year member/officer at the Pittsfield FFA Chapter. Accounting made me fall in love with it and now I am planning on pursuing it as a career in the years to come. When you have teachers who enjoy what they do, it makes the students enjoy school just as much.
The teachers at my school not only care for our education, but they try to understand and help our home lives. They understand that most students are in multiple sports and consider that when it comes to homework.
They only ever spent money on the football team and every other sport had to come up with the money themselves.
I was not very prepared for the real world after I graduated. Pittsfield High School did not take a lot of steps to prepare us for the real world.
Our school does not have AP/Honors classes but do offer weighted classes. These are classes that are advanced and in reward for taking these classes if the student receives a C or above they are boosted a letter grade. For example a student who receives a B in a weighted class truly receives an A.
My school is an open campus so many of the students go home or go out to eat.
The school tries to take every action to eliminate bullying.
If a student does not have access to internet and a word processor at home it could be difficult to get all assignments completed to their best potential. The school has a computer lab for students to work in during school hours but that is not always enough.
My school is very personal and that is something I love. There is no stranger that walks the halls. The staff are always willing to help with any possible problem, whether going over college essays or just leading an ear to a person in need of advice.
Our guidance department is always willing to open an ear to anyone who needs to talk. Bullying of any kind if not permitted at Pittsfield and is punished severely.
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Our school is equipped with a nice gym and a pretty good weight room. Everyday a staff member is always willing to stay to supervise weight lifting for anyone who is interested.
For our size of town the school offers many opportunities for students to get involved. Faculty is limited but each and everyone that is involved is very passionate and dedicated to the organization. Extracurricular opportunities range from sports to the dramatic arts to mathematical clubs. This gives students of all interests a chance to get involved.
Our guidance counselors are exceptional! They help set up many different informational appointments for colleges, army and military recruiters. They help find students tutors, help them into college, and are welcome to talk at any time.
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