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I really enjoyed my time here recently, although I think the school could certainly be improved. Most of the teachers are good, but some aren't. I spend a good portion of the time worrying about college, and I hope I've been prepared for it. I must say, compared to what I've heard about other local schools, SciTech is doing a great job.
When I walked into the school on my first day of 7th grade, I felt like I could not fit in anywhere. But after so many years of rigorous preparation, I feel that this school made the difference between ending up as a minnow in a shark tank and going on to be a leader and pursue a career in environmental engineering.
My first year at Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy was in 2012. I was in 6th grade. I have seen many changes occur in SciTech since I first walked through the door in 2012. The changes have only been beneficial to the students and teachers. SciTech has really expanded my knowledge and telling people that I attend SciTech is really proud to say. Mostly because of the academic achievements that we have accomplished. If you want to put a great high school on your college application, then go to SciTech.
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Don't go to this school if you are expecting to be surrounded by nerds and intellectuals. About half of the students could be described as such, but, due to Scitech's lottery admissions process, many students are slackers and don't want to be there.

Everyone gets laptops
Activity period is fun
Music and art are computer-based
The concentration system is good
The academics can be fairly rigorous if you take the right classes
Not everybody wants to be there
The food is bad
Despite all students being given laptops, some teachers refuse to let students use them for work or notes in their class.
The health class is a train wreck as the teacher didn't actually grade the 50 slide powerpoint on childbirth (each week of pregnancy gets its own slide). The class is entirely useless busywork.
SciTech is relatively new school and as such, it is not afraid to try more modern approach to education. Students are sorted into one of the four STEM concentrations at the end of the 9th year, which influences the types of classes the students will take until graduation. Aside from being a primarily STEM oriented school, with no official sport teams, there is a fair selection of art courses and student led clubs. All of the school work is done on school issued laptops, that high school students are able to take home. School is located in Oakland among Pitt University’s buildings. Unfortunately, no student parking.
I’ve been going to this school since 6th grade , and am currently going to be a senior this upcoming year , it is coool to see everyone grow up with you because of the way the classes are set up , most of my class have been together for 6 years and we’ve been getting closer throughout the years . It’s great
This has been a fantastic school to grow up in- the teachers genuinely care about the betterment of the students, the faculty understand how to adapt to constantly-changing situations, the students are there because they really want to learn- add all of this up, and it becomes a great culture of learning and respect. Unfortunately, there is a lack of diversity regarding the male to female ratio, which ranges from 2:1 to 3:2 depending on the year, and it seems that racially diverse students have been systematically less inclined to apply, but these problems have been slowly rectified over the years, and I hold hope that it will soon be as demographically diverse as the rest of the district.
Overall, Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy is an above average public school. It has strong teachers that connect with their students and numerous AP classes that can help get students ahead for college.
Opportunities/internships, connections and resources for future career advancement are available for high achieving students in the field of biology.
SciTech was a very good school that challenges its students and pushes them to work hard. The implementation of concentrations was a nice thing to do, but I think that they should give better previews of what that concentration will be like, or let the students rotate around between each.
I really enjoyed attending Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy. I learned so much while I was there. I was given access to many opportunities that have helped me determine my future career path. I was able to strengthen my abilities as a student and was fortunate to be able to attend the University of Pennsylvania for my Undergraduate degree.
I have looked over some of the terrible reviews on this school and what I found is that it is mostly because this school is fairly new. I am in 6th grade right now and I found it very easy to make friends get good grades. The teachers are very helpful, and they help me with a lot of stuff I don't get. There is one teacher though who I don't like, but I am not going to point fingers. Anyway, I like this school a lot. It sure is better than my old school
I love this school! I was more than prepared for college because of the many opportunities given to apply, write essays, etc.
This school i have to say was a excellent school teahers and staff are there when you need them and doors are open i made a lot of friends i was there from 6th to my senior year.
Going to sci-tech wasn't the high school experience I was expecting. This school didn't feel like a high school because it was too small. My class was very small. There was about 75 students in my grade I knew everyone. I didn't learn a lot from high school, I wish I could have learned more than what I did. Now I'm in college I wish went to a best high school. But you love math and engineering this is the school for you.
Overall good school. Classes move at a faster pace due to only having 4 classes a day at 80 minutes each period. Teachers are generally young but they all work hard at their job and you can tell they love what they do. The counselors at the school are amazing, they're really personal and always push students to do better. Student classwork is usually done on the school issued laptops, each student is assigned their own. High school students are allowed to take their laptops home. Art and music classes are not taught traditionally which is quite a bummer, I wish I could see more traditional ways in that department. Only one foreign language class is offered, Spanish, and I'd enjoy seeing more variety there. There are little to no after school activities. The school doesn't have their own sports team which honestly a problem. our sports department teams up with two neighboring schools in the district to create a sports team.
Overall, attending the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy has been an honor. The teachers are very dedicated to their professions, and are willing to help all of the students realize their goals in life. Through the unique course loads and opportunities provided to students, I also feel as though the majority of students are coming out college ready and prepared for any and all types of post-secondary ventures.
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The academics of the school were more than wonderful. I really had no complaint about it other than the principal at the time Mr. McNeil. His discipline styling was atrocious and unfair.
This school has opened so many opportunities for me as a student. It is academically challenging, competitive and overall great environment. If you use the resources well and really talk to the teacher they will help you reach your goals. I was fourtunate to take advantage of the unique 3 year graduation plan. I have competed and done well in many science competitions. I see there are some negative review but many of those things are dealt with in a very professional manner and are not on going problems. This school has set me up for a great plan in the future.
I liked a lot of the teachers and most of them taught me a lot. The only issue I had was the lack of choice I had in my academics. Other than ur concentration, nothing is really your choice.
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