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Pittsburgh Milliones - University Preparatory School Reviews

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My experience at U Prep was interesting , I pretty much stayed to myself since I came in the middle of my junior year. But i got to know people and made relationships with a few. Even the teachers I've made a relationship with,I'm glad that I did. This school has its own little family.
It's a pretty good school but I think they could've done a lot more better with it. The school doesn't have its on basketball team or football team there's not a lot of clubs to join but it still is a pretty good educational facility that I believe within the next year or two is going to be a really good school
University Prep is a great school, the teachers truly value our education, the faculty are always respectful and kind, and the class's curriculum are very interesting.
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My few years at University Prep has been a great & educational experience. I've learned so much. The staff there have prepared me for the real world. The students there are like family. There are many challanges but the teachers make sure that they help get their students through them. Each & everyone of the staff members make sure that we have 100% safety. Our school motto is "Walk with a Purpose". This saying represents how we are taught to make something of ourselves. University Prep isn't perfect but its close to it.
there aren't many extracurricular activities to participate in.
Parent being involved would make the school run more smooth.
Some teachers show that they genuinely care, others do just enough to get paid.
there are security everywhere in the building, and security cameras too, and metal detectors
I like after school activities
this school has a lot of fights, and students there are so aggressive but so kind at the same time, its hard for me to understand and some times so disrespectful, but I got used to it, like I always am, but I wouldn't change a thing because I learned a lot from this school.
teachers in my school are so kind and they like to help students if they need anything, but sometimes student behavior give the teachers hard time teaching.
The teacher's take the time out to help you with anything. Their teaching style are good, they explain things very well
The academics at my school are very good. The teachers help you with anything you need help on, and will take the time out to help you after school or during lunch
I'm not in any after school programs at school but, I am on the track team and that's okay
The school has its up and downs, but overall i really like this school
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