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Overall I enjoyed my high school experience. I was involved with sports and like most of my teachers. My counselor was very helpful and my teachers have guided me with college applications.
My favorite thing about my high school is the diversity, unity, and school spirit. One thing I dislike is the lack of discussion in the classrooms that occured (or did not) after the recent school shooting threats.
In Pittsburg High School, I am very happy about the student diversity. Although the school is amazing, they need to make it feeling more safe, especially for those students who do not feel safe
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It is a very diverse school, and with a whole new set of pathways and new classes from computer programing, to creative writing, to aerospace engineering.
My experience at Pittsbug High school has been amazing. There is always something happening. Clubs for everyone and something to do. I would like to see the campus grow. I say this because there is an over population of students in every class.
I like how culturally diverse and accepting our school is, which has appears to progress in this direction every year. However, the school class sizes are very large and are expected to grow even more (which is awful given that some classes don't even have enough chairs for students). As a result, many teachers are now protesting, where they choose not to work before 7:45 AM and after 3:30 PM. Now students are not able to receive extra help before and after school and aren't likely to receive help during class due to the teachers needing to focus on such large classes.
What I loved about Pittsburg High is the diversity and how tight-knit students are with one another. After transferring to Pittsburg High, it gave me a whole new perspective on diversity considering the school I was at before, my peers were just like me. It was great meeting and relating to new people.
I like the involvement that a student can have with their academics, activities, and sports. There isn't much I would want to see change. The size of the school is growing and along with it, the more diverse, it's getting with more options in types of classes.
My experience at Pittsburg High School was a very challenging and fulfilling experience. The classes that I took challenged me and pushed me to uncover my full potential and I learned numerous things that helped shape me not just academically, but character-wise as well. This school prepares its students for the real-world and for college and beyond! One thing I wish the school improved on was more availability of technology to students.
I loved Pittsburg High School! Our campus was huge and so big that we had to add on across the street for more classrooms!Our principle, Mr. Whitmire, was an excellent principle I hate to say only because it’s weird to like your principle, right? But he was very involved with the students and made the school fun. For example every Friday we would have music playing in the quad and games to play. On every national month, like black history or Spanish history, the clubs that are involved were allowed to have a whole assembly about their heritage and a whole month to go out in the quad and show the students what’s it about. Our football team is adored and every football game is so fired up that the stadium, which is brand new, gets filled up immediately!That is one of the main things I will miss about Pitt. Also the counselors are very understanding and helpful. I will always miss how pitt challenged me and pushed me to do good
I like the energy and diversity there is because there is a place for anyone and everyone. One major aspect I would like to change is good quality because it has occurred that some people don’t feel well due to the food
Teachers and staff really push you! Everyone is there to help you succeed. There are so many resources like the college and career center to help you prepare for the outside world. School clubs are also there to help you feel included.
I like the diversity and teachers there. There is a lot of students for just one school. Sometimes it can be too much.
Everyone has their own mixed emotions about this school and it impacts each individual differently, however I will argue that Pittsburg High does its best to ensure that each student is given the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills and active involvement in the school.
Good school but would like the teachers to not wait intell student is falling behind toward the end of school year to talk to parents
Hated the experience. If I could be born again, I'd take the bus to Heritage, where academics are at least on par with the average high school.
Sports and band are the only competition we have. Otherwise, a plethora of stupid students with poor taste waste away my motivation. I turn toward a corridor and either meet putrid smells or unsightly conduct (most often, repulsive versions of third base).
Do not take your child here unless you enjoy being associated with a vast dearth of intelligent people. I quite honestly know only 6 people whom I am certain have some common sense.
The quality of education is a disappointing consequence of a terribly uneducated collection of prideful Pittsburg's residents.
The curriculum in almost every single course this school offers are dismal and pathetic. Its few saviors? Hunter, Nordenstedt, Golshien, Fong, and Fitzmaurice. It's a shame the last two have left. This school cannot and will not improve. I am ashamed to have attended it.
From a personal point of experience, the teachers here try their hardest to make sure that all of their students succeed. They’ll definitely take interest if you apply yourself, and asking for help is easy to do, and they’re very supportive. The facilities could be cleaner, but aside from that, it’s a wonderful school.
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What I like about Pittsburg High School is how diverse it is. You do not feel left out and can find all types of nationalities at this school. However, Pittsburg High is crowded and it is hard to make it to classes on time sometimes, there are some teachers who do not seem to care, the resources are not that good and the preparation for college is not that great unless you seek it. Even though there are some set backs , if you try hard and have a goal you can still make it to college
My experience with this school.. kind of tough. Classes were hard in the beginning, some teachers were mean, some were nice. There were a lot of fights through the past years. It gotten better this year. I feel like they should change the way they teach and the way they treat the students. Some teachers make students feel bad about themselves. Making it harder on us students.
I love the diversity of the school and how although we don't all know each other considering there's over 3,500 students, when it comes to school events or protesting for our safety, well all come together to show our support. I do hope that in the future that there are less students so that there's an opportunity for students to be able to learn easier rather than going at a slow pace since there are too many students.
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