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I’ve had an amazing time in Pittsburg. I’ve been here most of my life. People have a way of showing there actions. I’ve always shown my love to any and everyone. A lot of people love me and I love them!
the school is amazing in general. i like all the people. i like the sports at the school. i also like the food and the friends that i have.
I like the academic prosperity, yet some areas were lacking that such as having no Physics AP and the sort.
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One thing I like from this school is that it is a public school and it has everything you need. The administration is not difficult to speak with. This school is super involved with the community and is always trying to do the best for the students and teachers. This school makes you feel welcomed anytime of the day.
My overall experience with high school was pretty good. I graduated as 13th in my class, so academics were never really a problem for me. However, the environment wasn't always the most fun. School should be a place that kids want to go to, and where they want to learn, but instead it has just turned into how well can you take a test at the end of the year. The Ag program could use a lot of work as well. The teachers need to take more interest in their students. There were so many kids in my classes that had so much potential, but the teachers didn't always seem to care, so they didn't either. The faculty needs to really work on how they can better connect with their students. They need to learn about what really goes on in teenagers' lives, and use that to connect with them.
It's not that great, but there isn't all that much to complain about either. There are lots of teachers who care deeply about the success of the students, which is always great to see, but some seem like they just show up for a check. Additionally, there is a disconnect between the students and teachers when it comes to discipline sometimes. I have personally seen students with metal illnesses being punished and offered no sort of counseling towards correcting their behavior.
School has a lot of potential. I notice a lot of kids who come from this school have trouble with college. I'd like to see college readiness, school resources and extracurricular activities improve. While I was attending this school I felt like teachers were stretched thin and resources stretched thin, and sometimes questioned how much of the required material was actually being learned or retained by students.
I Would Like The Lunches To Change, The Food Is Not Good. Kids Don't Get Enough Food to Eat. Lunch Isn't Free. If Someone Owes A Certain Amount Of Money, The Lunch Ladies Take The Tray Away And Give The Kid Nothing Else To Eat. Sometimes Food Isn't Cooked Right. The School Bathrooms Are Gross, The Sinks Don't Work In The Ladies Restroom.
My experience at PHS was outstanding!!! Here, all teachers are willing to help students reach their highest goal! I would like to change, if anything, the sport options for females and males. I believe there should be more, but the sports that are offered now are standard, but there should be new sports aside from the usuals: volleyball, cross country, basketball, golf, fishing, track, and powerlifting.
Pittsburg High School offers a variety of academic programs and extra activities to make everyone successful and ready for college or career. The teachers and staff are exceptional and very helpful in helping all students achieve their goals.
My time at Pittsburg High school was amazing. The school provided different opportunities to acquire college and high school credit which was great. They also provided different certifications that allowed to develop skills that would help in a future career. My time at high school the math department was lacking. Hopefully, they have made some improvements in that department.
Pittsburg High School is a great school to attend to. Teachers are willing to help if you have questions. Overall great school, but the food could have a bit more seasoning.
My school is not like other schools, it is very very strict, but i have had a very good experience here.
Pittsburg High School is was a tremendous school to me in my opinion. The students are very friendly and the teachers are very helpful.
Pittsburg High School is a great school to go to for a high school. The teachers are always willing to help students after or before school through tutoring. Clubs and organizations are open to accepting anyone who wants to join. School safety is a big thing around our campus. We have closed gated during school. For students who drive to school, there is a security guard watching who enters and who leaves the parking lot. I really like how the cafeteria staff is open to answers from students on what they liked and didn't like about the food. Overall, Pittsburg High School is a great school that cares about the safety and the education of their students.
What I like about this school is that everyone is so nice to each other. It's a great school to go too. I would like for some rules to be changed and better lunch because half of us want something different. I think we just need to try our hardest and do more stuff..
Some programs are nice depending on what you like. Basically who you know and there are a few student clubs and organizations.
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The football program gets more attention and funding than any other extracurricular sport.
Teachers are ok for the most part.
There's a lot of things to choose from in the different academic groups, but it's nothing really that great.
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