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Extracurricular activities unfortunately are limited just because of the small numbers of students. if you want to have a child into all activities, the parent must be willing to travel long distances. Although there are the average amount of clubs, Key Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, and of course sports. Recently we combined with a neighboring town for sports teams and still the numbers are real low. We need more parents to be supportive and contribute to the extracurricular activities instead of thinking its a bother.
I would rate the teachers at Pittsburg a 5 out of 10. I think some of the problem is the lack of parent contribution, and lack of respect to the teachers and staff. But having a too passive teacher isn't a help either. Although they are scared of some parents and their backlash! If we could get everyone working to the student it will only help and support productive and successful children!
If Pittsburg has one thing going for it, i believe its the safety factor. They have held several mock drills and shooter drills. To even get into the building you have to go through a safety regiment. They are prepared for what ever is thrown there way.
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I do not believe Pittsburg School challenged its students enough. There are teachers who were very challenging but then were not supported by parents. Not everyone was on the same page. I would have liked to have seen more involvement of parents with academics and school events. Support the school instead of trying to find fault with everything!
we recently change to Abbey group and noone enjoys it as much as the last one we had
I really have an issue with this topic teachers should be here to teach and they should want to do so, I am currently taking most online courses because of this and there are only 2 high school teachers that go above and beyond.
Our sports program is very weak not because the Athletic Director but because of how small our school is we used to be competitive but no one really wants to play sports anymore. The coaches who are parents and favor their children is an issue.
I think that we have policies but they are not put in place until need be but sometimes the consequences are different for different people and if you have policies the consequences should be the same for everyone.
Since we are such a small school we do not have a lot clubs we all of the ones we do have I am a part of, but you find that it is the same people within all the clubs because only certain people get involved and its always the same people at the after school events and at times it gets overwhelming because you find that your are doing a lot of the work yourself.
Our kitchen in not all that sanitary I went in there for Student Council Sundaes and there was a lot of counters with food on them dirty dishes laying around and the warmers with water were full of floatys, I did however report this issue and it was taken care of.

Our nurse is very helpful and if someone is hurt she is there to help.
I have had good experiences at Pittsburg. The school was once much more than it is now. Enrollment is declining, though. Because of this, I would not want to go back. When I was younger, it seemed like all the high schoolers played at least one sport. Now as a senior, I look at the younger kids and see hardly any athletes. Also, many younger kids just don't seem to care, about grades, sports, clubs, etc. All in all, the school just doesn't feel like it used to.

While I was here, I have had the chance to be a starter in all 3 sports we have -- soccer, basketball, and softball. I have also been involved in almost every club we have including Key Club, Athletic Council, Class Government, and Music Theater (we are known for our productions). I have also had the opportunity to take on leadership roles in these activities. I have stayed busy, but managed to achieve a GPA of 3.87 all the while. My overall experience has been a good one, but limited though we try to make the best of it.
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