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I liked Pittsburg High School because the teachers were generally accommodating and approachable. However, a lot of their technology courses, especially the web design courses, are severely outdated and the material presented is not very useful.
Pittsburg High offers the best high school experience. Everything about this school is great and the staff are very personable.
Pittsburg High School is currently under heavy construction, so the students and teachers are having to adjust accordingly to the blocked off classrooms and construction zones throughout the building. While this seems hectic, and it is, everyone knows that in the end the school will appreciate the improvements being made. Students, teachers, and staff have all stayed positive throughout this time of change, and although all 900 of us are cramped even more than before, we are staying positive.
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I think overall the atmosphere is very toxic. There is a lot of drama even amongst the teachers. I do think a good experience can be dependent upon involvement, so that’s good.
I love the staff members, who help me along the way and the teacher who help me reach my goal which was graduate high school
Pittsburg High is the party school of high schools. Everyone is ready to have fun but when it comes to academics they could really step it up a notch. I didn't even know we had a college and career center until my senior year. If I had known about that in my prior years I feel like I would've been more prepared than I am now to take the next step. Four year colleges aren't promoted as much as our 2 year college in the area which sets the bar low for students.
Parroting the necessity of attending college over and over again in a mild tone that lacks a didactic appeal to a troop of incapable students is only slightly less exaggerated than telling a bunch of monkeys that they can integrate into human society if they "work hard"; in both cases, the subject of poignant failure has not the care to "achieve success" professionally.
Pitt is nothing more than a push-over, for its inflated grading and unfathomably low standards of teaching.
You can be the best at anything at this "school", since no one is capable of entitling themselves master at any skill: the best mathematicians here can't perform two-stepped problems, each student considers an essay to be strenuous, and, within empty nutshells where their brain should have been, a constitution of nothing short of a pathetic vocabulary is contained.
I truly pity the next child to be ruined by this boring and unmotivating school. I despise the perverse attendees that call themselves students.
One thing that is very great at Pittsburg High is the spirit everyone has for the school. Everyone is connected and involved in some way. One thing I would like to change is the diversity and culture thought out the school it needs to be wider spectrum.
I enjoyed Pittsburg Highschool! The teachers and staff are amazing and go above and beyond for their students. Pittsburg highschool has many extra curricular activities. Such as sports, clubs, and much more. They offer many college credit classes as well. Pittsburg Highschool has so much to offer for students. Their honors classes are very good as well! When graduating from Pittsburg, they're are many scholarship opportunities. Also the counselors do there best at getting their junior and senior ready for they future as college students.
I have nearly come to a close with my time at the Pittsburg Community Schools District, and mundane as it may have been, there is much to discuss about the schools themselves. The elementary schools are clean, well-renovated and frequently updated, and always carry a scent of Clorox wipes and Frosted Flakes cereal. The middle school had a change in acronyms in the past decade, from "PMS" to "PCMS" for obvious reasons. The high school is painted in "USD 250 Taupe", as per say my former Gifted teacher, and the commons are walled with horrid 1970's wood paneling. But, alas, many opportunities reside within the concrete and vinyl walls.
Dramatically and get college credit so u haven't to take other college courses. The teachers will help u. U can stay after school to study.
One thing that I have learned after three years of attending PHS is that there is nothing that can replicate the spirit of Pittsburg High.
Pittsburg High School has great teachers overall. I disliked how some teachers weren't fair on scores and would clearly explain why they gave you the grade you got. I would like to see the school become more accepting to all students.
I lived right next to the High school so getting to and from school was easy. The teachers I had my senior year were amazing and at the end of the year you get a senior brick to paint. If you put 100% in you almost always get 100% back.
Pittsburg High is a very good school. It is well-staffed, and teachers and staff very strongly enforce bullying and non-descriminatory policies (which can be found very easily on their website ) daily. I've only been at this school for a year, and it is without a doubt the best experience I've had in public schools. The organization in terms of feeding and caring fof students' individual needs is well thought out, despite the overcrowded student body in recent years.
My experience with Pittsburg High school is that all the teachers are friendly and they always love to help you with any thing that you would need help with. The students are pittsburg are really caring and loving. Pittsburg high is a really safe and friendly enviorment that you would feel comfortable in.
This high school is fantastic! All of the teachers are dedicated to what they do and want to help students grow and learn. The only thing I'd change is I wish we had a bigger school, it's getting very crowded.
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What I enjoyed most about Pittsburg High School was that the school was very diverse, and many people come from different backgrounds and cultures.
We offer many extracurricular activities that schools in this area can't offer because of funding. Overall, the staff is very supportive of these activities.
I would definitely chose to attend this school again if I had the choice! This mostly stems from the variety of extracurriculars and activities. It offers many opportunities that other schools in our part of Kansas do not provide for their students.
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