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Pittman Center Elementary School Reviews

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The school nurse is quite helpful, and is sure to notify teachers and parents if an issue arises, if the student needs certain medicines administered or is needs something else (such as glasses for those with an impaired vision). If a bullying incident occurs, the faculty handles the situation quickly. There are security cameras across the entire campus, and a policeman is always available. Pittman Center Elementary is a safe school, and I felt safe during my nine years of schooling there.
There are very few clubs available for one to choose from. There are no clubs specializing in the arts aside from band, and the only academic club available is Beta Club. Once upon a time, a club reminiscent of Beta existed for lower-grade students, but I am unsure if that is still active. As for sports, there is a track club available. There is nothing else for the students to choose from.
There are some great aspects that came with attending Pittman Center Elementary, such as Beta Club trips and fundraisers galore. Having band also significantly increased the overall experience of Pittman Center. The students have the opportunity to operate several fundraisers. However, with recent changes, academics are severely lacking. I would personally search elsewhere if one seeks a valuable educational foundation.
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At Pittman Center Elementary School, several of the upper-grade teachers are terrible. Many will walk out of the room mid-lesson with no one to supervise students, some teachers and substitutes have allowed inappropriate discussion in the classroom, and many of these teachers are not as knowledgeable or helpful to students as they should be. However, most of the lower-grade teachers provide precisely what the students need to grow.
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