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My overall experience at Pitman High was awesome and I made a lot of life long friends along the way. I would like to see the schools classrooms and buildings be improved as they are very old and need work done.
A fairly average high school, many good (A.P. / honors) courses and activities (F.B.L.A. and others) offered. Safer environment than most schools, but that should be a given considering how small the school is.
I received an excellent education from Pitman High School. I give Pitman High School 5 stars for college readiness because academics were great and they had activities such as SAT prep classes during the night. This high school definitely prepared me for college and made me feel more confident. There was also a lot of clubs and activities for it being such a small school. The staff and administration were very supportive, helpful, and academic. Many teachers made themselves available during their free periods or after school to offer addition help to students who may have been struggling. Many sports teams such as field hockey and baseball have won awards. The food was always decent. I appreciated how they offered fresh salads or wraps for the students. However, their main course and canned fruit were not always the healthiest or the best tasting.
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I liked how Pitman High School was a place where every student had the opportunity to reveal their character and personal interests to people on a regular basis, without being hidden among the crowd. Some changes I would make to the school's environment would be to influence more of school spirit, have all teachers on the same level of instruction and aid, and have more of an availability with classes offered at the school. My experience overall was good, but could have been better, which is why going forward I look to bring lots of change and school spirit wherever I may go.
I liked the close knit family experience of the school, everybody knows you and you know everybody. You will always know someone as you walk down the hall way. The teachers know you by name and sometimes even know your handwriting. The teachers get involved in your life and are concerned about your well being. There is a higher chance of playing varsity on a high school sport and you can become friends with everybody.
Pitman is a great school for such a small town. The class sizes are really tiny, but you end up getting to know everyone really well. The sports are really fun, and you end up making friends from all four grades because of that and that you can end up with different grade levels in your classes too.
Pitman is a small town and it's school district is small as well. The best thing about that is teachers have the time to give each student the attention they need and bonds can be formed between students and mentors. With the district being small, that means everyone knows everyone and although it may seem intrusive, it helps push each person due to a sense of accountability. The only thing that Pitman could do better is preparing each student for graudation and college preparation. I enjoyed my time at Pitman High, but I do not feel I was given 100% attention for college prep.
I love the caring and safe feeling at Pitman High School. The teachers care about their students and share amazing opportunities. The new Bring Your Own Device enhancement at Pitman has brought huge increases in learning with technology, but a slight increase is still needed.
There are some really good teachers and some not so good.
If I could turn back the hands of time I would have sent my child to a private school like I did her sister. The coach and field hockey team rocks, but she struggled in school.
There are some good teachers and some who are not very good. I found that the automated grading system removed some of the communication between parents and teachers and students. It doesn't replace the occasional email, note, or phone call that may sometimes be needed when a student is struggling. A parents shouldn't wait to see a weekly or daily email of grades to find several homework assignments missing. Additionally, there is no accountability for homework which is so important. A 0 and a poor grade does not teach the student responsibility or the subject matter. Keeping the student after school insisting to complete the assignment does enforce responsibility and subject matter. I'm very disappointed in the school system
We may not have police but we don't tolerate bullying. There's no police because the school is safe and very small.
I wish there were more clubs, there are things like key club but it would be better if there was more than just one page of clubs.
I came from a different school that was bigger with more opportunities, so it's hard to judge based on that.
A lot of students participate in athletics. Many big games have a large fan attendance. The town is very supportive of the athletics.
Good community, always feel safe.
Teachers always care about the success of the student.
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It is easy to participate in multiple extra-curricular activities across the spectrum.
There are a fair amount of clubs available but more clubs would be appreciated because they are not very interesting.
The team performance is mostly great. Most of our teams always win, besides the football team. Everyone is not only athletic, but also very academic smart also.
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