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Pitkin High School is a nurturing environment that fosters learning and builds character. I have had wonderful teachers, great opportunities for learning inside and outside the classroom. We have a fantastic principal committed to developing the potential of each child. Out academic and athletic programs are great! Its a small but mighty school that cares. Being a part of a small school is what I love.
Pitkin High School is located in a small town in Pitkin, Louisiana. It isn't actually a "high school," but a connected school. There are only a little over 500 students, but even that is a rough estimate. It isn't very diverse, but I have never experienced any problems with bullying and it isn't often that anything about bullying is heard. Being a small school, it makes it easier for the teachers to have one on one time with you if you need help. Overall, it Pitkin High School isn't a bad experience for a high school. Except the food, but I have always brought a lunch so it is easy to bypass that problem.
While I did not attend this school for a prolonged period of time, I enjoyed my time (overall) at this school. There are not many people at this school, therefore student are able to recieve the one-on-one help with a teacher (if they are willing to put their pride aside). Every teacher that I had was willing to offer times to help students. This school also offers classes that other schools may not. They value academics enough to require a course titled as "ACT Prep" to help all juniors and do well on their ACT tests for the best results. However, some classes that are offered in other schools, are not offered here due to the lack of funds and resources. Although, overall I thouroughly enjoyed my experience at Pitkin High School.
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Pitkin High School is a k-12 school, so you are able to go to school with all your friends in the area. But there is not diversity in the student or teacher population. And the teachers and administration are very biased toward athletes and the faculty are willing to give multiple chances for athletes that are not given to other students. The teachers also do not like it when students or parents argue with them, even when the teacher is wrong.
They are strict when it comes to sweat pants or beards.
Some days it was alright, when they would actually do something fun during the school activities. When we went to the trip to florida for NHS, I had a blast with my friends and my older sister. We had went to Orlando to go to the Universal Resort and had an amazing time.
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