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Pisgah High School Reviews

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Pisgah is a very small school that highly encourages success in academics. They offered very fun field trip opportunities for students that made honor role and/or received silver or gold level in state testing. The one downside is that because it's a small school there are not a lot of options for clubs. For instance, we are too small to have a band.
It was an average high school experience. Overall it was fine, but there is certain things that should be fixed regarding the staff and faculty.
Loved attending Pisgah High! The classes are small and the teachers care about every student. The students can get to know the teachers and ask them for help. The teachers really want to help the students. College classes are offered to juniors and seniors for dual credit. Athletics are top-notch. Overall very wonderful school!
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I absolutely loved my experience at Pisgah High School. It’s a very small school so the teachers are able to work one on one with the students. I also enjoy the fact that because it’s such a small school it’s easier to make friends and fit in.
The school is small and allows you to get to know people better than you would at bigger schools. With my school experience, bullying has never been issue and I feel surrounded by kind hearted people. My experience has been pleasant and something I won't forget
Pisgah High School is the school you would want to attend if you are not wanting a big school. The students and teachers are friendly and very involved. Pisgah is a very involved school and will make sure you are getting the information you need.
I love that everybody is one unity and The teachers care so much about your progress in the classrooms. I think the lunch menu need to change have better food and etc.
I LOVE Pisgah High School. The teachers are truly amazing. I have always been treated like family, and I have learned more at Pisgah than I ever have at the other two schools I attended.
I really appreciated the small and loving community that Pisgah offered. My only complaint is the lack of extra curricular activities.
I loved my experience at Pisgah high school! I was a part of the beta club and national honors society. All of my teachers worked with me to help me achieve my goals and be a better me!
There are a couple of things that i do like about Pisgah is the offers that they give to students and also making sure that the students do understand the material that is taught. I would like to see some of the food changed and also to stop bullying against the students.
Things to be about the students. Not just test scores. The test scores will go up as soon as you put time into there students. What i do like is that they do try to push you to the best no matter what
I have had the best experience because of the friends I have made along the way.
They all have college degrees but they teach some classes that they have no degree in, also some are rude but i want to graduate so I look past that.
Everything at the school is safe there is a zero tolerance for everything.
I love JROTC. It the best program to be in. It my fourth year in it and im the company commander now.
It been a great experience. I love being in JROTC. I love Helping the school out etc.
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All the teacher at my school all have a high degree in college. They are very helpful when your struggling.
Football is big here at Pisgah. We also have JROTC which I am apart of. I enjoy JROTC more than going to the football games personally. But when I do go to the games, it's always lots of fun.
The health and safety of this school is above average
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