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The teachers always did their job and so much more! Clubs, sports, and safe environments were always available.
It was average. I liked the atmosphere in the school. I would change the schedule to either a 5 day block system or a 5 day period system. Right now it is a 3 day period and then 2 day block system. It is still confusing even 4 months into school.
Pisgah is not just a school to me. It is so much more. Its not a very big school, but its also not too small. Pisgah is a special school to me because it where I grew up. Although I didn't attend Pisgah k-4th grade, I did move there in the 5th grade. I would like to say thank you to my mom and dad for moving my brother and I when they did! Pisgah is were I have made most all of my high school and elementary memories from the hallways and classrooms to the gym and football field. Pisgah will always be more than just a school to me.. it is home!
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My experience at Pisgah High School has been bittersweet and slowly coming to an end. It also has been emotional but there has been many significant memories. I moved here in the fifth grade ,and I felt nothing but support and unconditional love from the faculty. The principle and staff were always there if I ever needed anything ,and I new I could come to them without hesitation. I could not think of any other school I would rather attend. The classmates and the other students in my school have so much energy and pride in the community. I would never be where I am today without the teachers in my life. They pushed me to shape who I am.
Pisgah is a great school, they offer a great girls basketball and softball program.Both the girls softball and basketball teams having many state titles. The academic side of the school is great as well. The teachers are all very kind and helpful. They make sure they do everything they an to prepare each student for college. At Pisgah High School many opportunities are given to students; helping them on their path to a successful life and bright future.
I enrolled at Pisgah High School in the 7th grade. All the students and teachers were friendly and kind, so I easily made new friends. My school career at Pisgah High School has been full of many wonderful memories. I am a member of several clubs including the following: Beta Club, FCCLA, NEHS, Spanish Club, History Club, and Mu Alpha Theta. I was also a member of the school volleyball team for three years. All of these extra curricular activities kept me extremely involved in school events and school functions. I believe that Pisgah High School does an excellent job at ensuring that all students are included in school events; however, I do not believe that is extended to the parents. In the future, I hope to see that the administration creates more policies to guarantee that parents will be more involved in school events.
The best experience I had at Pisgah High School was building relationships with teachers; this helped me become more confident and comfortable in the classroom. Although Pisgah has given me some of the best experiences, I would like to see the teachers and faculty at Pisgah be more engaged and involved with the students
Pisgah High School is an excellent source of academics. It has a great learning environment with comfortable sized classes. The teachers are very interactive with all the students giving assistance when they need it. The subjects taught are easy and fun. Parents can inquire at any time how their child is doing in class.
I attended Pisgah High School since I was in third grade. Most of the teachers will help you in any way. The counsler is very important to me. She will go out of her way in order to help you.
I have been attending Pisgah High School since I was in Kindergarten. I have grown to love all the teachers because they care about everyone and strive to ensure that everyone is safe and has a good home life. As a senior, I fell like all of the teachers are doing everything in their power to prepare this class for college. Also, administrators, retired faculty, and parents constantly have helpful advice to give us.
My favorite thing about Pisgah High School is the closeness among the student body and the teaching staff. It really is more like a family there than just teachers and students. The teachers at Pisgah have taught me so much more than just school subjects and have helped shape me into the man I am becoming.

One thing I would change about my school is the campus layout. We are very limited on space and our buildings are not connected. This leaves students in the weather each day which I do not feel is good, especially for the elementary kids.
My experience at Pisgah High School has been pretty great. I started going to Pisgah when I started the ninth grade. I have loved every minute of it. I love all the teachers and our academics are outstanding. They prepare us for college tremendously. One thing I would like to see change is the way teachers get on too the kids. The biggest thing to me is dress code. We have strict dress code in Jackson County, but the teachers only get on to a select few. They always seem too get on too the so called non-popular kids but let everyone else wear whatever.
The different friends you can make and resource classes. The classes happen in between regular classes and it is just a time tat students can sit back and relax.
The teachers are excellent! They helped me so much to be able to succeed and do the very best i could.
The principal and faculty are great people. They're easy to talk to and will help you with anything you need!
I was given the honor of spending my whole kindergarten-twelfth grade at the same school. I've had wonderful experiences there, and the whole staff and student body treat you like a family. The most unique thing about this school is all the different clubs that are offered here, such as Beta Club. Beta Club was probably my favorite experience at Pisgah High School. It encourages students to work together and overcome obstacles. I personally wouldn't choose this school again, for many reasons. For starters, some of the staff favor students over others and don't personally take time to work with individuals that need help, whether it be in class or after class. Secondly, this high school favors sports over academic achievement.
The athletics at pisgah high school are great. Pisgah high school coahed dedicates their spare time

to help better our football,baseball,softball,and basketball teams. The pisgah students are very involved with sports opportunities , most of the pisgah students are invovled in extracurricular activities even if it dosnrt deal with sports
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My favorite teacher would be Gus Hembree or known as Coach Hembee. He was my Chemistry teacher , and soon to be Physics teacher. During the time I was in Gus's class, I realized he is an awesome teacher. He explains the material in real life situations , and breaks it down so everyone can understand it.
The best club I'm a part of is Beta. Being a member of Beta, you have to makes A's or B's. This club makes you work hard to obtain the grades to state in the club. In April, our club goes to the National Beta Convention held in Birmingham, Alabama. This is an excited time for our school , because we get to go and compete with other schools in Alabama on all sorts of things.
This coming season will be my sixth year as part of the Pisgah varsity softball team. While playing for the lady eagles, I have been a part of two state championships. We have been state running-up twice while I have played. We have never lost during our Area Tournament. Softball is really big at my school, so we have a good supportive fan base.
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