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I loved Pisgah High School! It is a friendly place, with a welcoming community, all in the loving town of Canton, NC. Pisgah was a place where you could experience yourself freely and have room to grow and become the person you want to be.
They constantly treat the Christian students as the superiors and everyone who is different as the minority.
The teachers here are genuinely trying to make sure we succeed in life and to make sure above all not to lose one’s focus on academics, sports, and whatever related activity it may be to have an exceptional future for yourself and impact others around ones’ self to strive in their future as well. Most importantly I have learned to be an exceptional leader and to shape the future for others as I help them see the importance of obtaining their goals, which was taught to me through several community involvement clubs and outstanding teachers who sponsor those clubs.
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I love being a student at Pisgah High School because of the atmosphere makes you feel at home and connected with all the students. The faculty so supportive of your accomplishments and try to get to know each of their students and their interests.
Pisgah high school has taught me responsibilities in life, introduced me to new friends, and has prepared me for life after high school. I however, would like to see more cultural diversity and more time during school to get help and complete assignments.
Pisgah High school helped me grow as an individual and become the person that I am today. Through their overwhelmingly supportive teachers and administration I was able to be successful. The school does not encourage diversity, but that is not a product of the school or administration mostly of the community as a whole.
Pisgah High School offers a safe place to go to school with small class sizes, and a lot of one on one attention. There is little diversity and resources are limited. Often times resources are sent to larger counties within the state rather than the rural towns such as Canton, NC where Pisgah is located. This makes it difficult for students to learn. Students do not have textbooks at Pisgah High School as there is not enough money in the budget for them
I enjoyed going to school at Pisgah, but there was a wide range for improvement. The classes were good and teachers were good (for the most part). However, if you were an honors student be prepared to be ignored.
Guidance department needs a lot of work. Some administration was not helpful. Not ready for college at all.
I really love the attention and the dedication the teachers have towards the students . Since freshman year I have taken honors classes and I I can definitely tell the difference between a student with motivation and a student who is just there to be there . Overall my experience has been very positive , something would change about the school would be the amount of AP classes we are allowed to take . Since we have less students which intend turns into less classes we have to choose from . I would definitely recommend the school to anyone who is looking to get a very high-quality education .
Attending PHS was...interesting. Its a small school with all same families going there one after another. More funding is needed before this school goes under like the mill.
It was your average mountain high school, too much emphasizes was put on football and not enough of academics. But the advisors and teachers really did care about your success and the importance on sports allowed for social communities to form.
Being a student at Pisgah High School, I have been given many amazing oppertunities. Some of these oppertunities include taking dual inrollment classes, advanced placement classes, and being in as many clubs as I would like. By being a student at Pisgah they really give you the ability to take your future into your own hands!
I enjoy the small town feel that surrounds Pisgah. The school is in a close knit community and the town greatly supports the school. The school has a lot of classes and extra curricula activities to offer and the staff is friendly and ready to help. It is a safe place to be.
In my time at Pisgah High School I had enjoyed it. The teachers are always willing to help even after hours. Being a former athlete I can say they care for sports a lot but not as much as they care about academics.
I'm a rising freshmen but my brother is a senior, and he loved it and plans to attend at Western Carolina University
A lot of the teachers really care about you and your learning experience, however, I wish there was a larger variety of classes I could take. By senior year I was struggling to find electives that interest me and wish there were more business classes. They keep the school clean and I feel safe here, but the discipline could be stricter to keep everyone in line. They also tend to favor athletes and most of the money goes towards those programs.
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Not overly involved in any extracurricular clubs or outside of sports participation.
Teachers at Pisgah High are investing in providing a solid education to the students who put forth effort to learn.
Pigs High focuses on a safe environment for students to learn
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