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I actually really enjoy Piscataway high school. Piscataway is very diverse. The school is also very large which makes it exciting because everyday in the hallways you are bound to meet new people. All of the students and teachers are honestly great as well. The teachers here are very caring and want to see you succeed. Although the classes may be tough if you take AP or honors, teachers will always make sure you get the extra help you need. I have met amazing friends at this High school that I hope I can keep in my life forever.
I really appreciated the diversity of students and the excellence of teaching at Piscataway High School The enthusiasm in the school has increased over the last four years that I have attended. Much of that is due to Principal Jason Lester who arrived 5 years ago. Chris Sumner, "Doc" has instilled passion in his marching band in spite of any trial that comes our way. I feel challenged and prepared for college as I take 4 AP classes and 5 AP exams this year to enter college with several credits under my belt. Piscataway High School has ranked high in both academics, sports and music. I feel prepared for college in every way as I have gleaned from the many diverse experiences that I have learned from at PHS.
The teachers are so friendly. They teach us values that students can carry outside of the school. Even security stuff are very cooperative. Overall, this school has the principals and values that students can have for success.
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I absolutely love the administration. My counselor, who has been with me throughout my high school career, is phenomenal. Every teacher I have had has helped me in some way, and has shaped who I am as a student. I have a great network because of my teachers, and have a great support system in this school as well.
I've been a student at Piscataway High School for 4 years. I graduated in June of 2018 which makes me a PHS alumni. When I came to the school, it was very diverse and it had a lot of events to get involved with the people who attended as well. PHS has many resources to help a student achieve Academic Success. It also benefits students who are seeking Interest. The outstanding teachers and facilities at PHS worked their hardest to insure that their students get the best education possible. Lastly, It is a great school where a student can have the necessary education to becoming successful while also having a great experience. I rate my school a 4 out of 5.
Piscataway Township High school was a very enjoyable high school to go to. The required courses were informative and the teachers were very helpful. The many AP classes available challenged students and were a perfect opportunity to earn college credits. There were also many different electives available for students to choose.
The size of the school can be intimidating at first but it is quite easy to settle in and find a group of friends.
The most disappointing point comes from my experience while being an alumni of the school. Due to changes in rules regarding safety, there are no alumni visitors allowed. Even if you email the teacher you wish to visit so they can get the "OK" from a higher up you will be turned away at the door. It is very upsetting to see this policy be put in place.
The education is good. But some teachers are either really fast or doesn’t barely teach you at all. The students there are good but not good. Many of the students are role models while the others are just not. They are just your typical rebel teenagers. The high school had changed a lot over the past 2 years. But if you are looking for a casual education this school is a great place. Just be careful of your children of what ghey make friends with.
I loved the variety of core and extra curricular classes that were available to choose from. Another thing that I enjoyed was the amount of clubs and sports offered, the school even allows you to create your own club as long as you have a minimum amount of members and an advisor. One thing that could be improved is the quality of the food. Something that bothered me the most was the amount of food that went in the trash because it tasted and looked gross.
I like the diversity and the variety of clubs, activities and classes at the school. I wish the school did not have enforced strict rules like not being able to go anywhere else during homeroom and homeroom detention
Piscataway High is very diverse. It honestly prepares you for the real world. You'll learn social skills, cooperation, management, and leadership. This school also gives you a lot of opportunities to explore and find what you're into. Academically speaking, the work load isn't hard once you learn how to manage time. The counselors are willing to help you if you're willing to go and speak with them. I believe that the school wants you to work for what you earn, but it really wants you to find out who you are and how you'll find your passion and become a phenomenon in this world.
It wasn't that great of a place. A lot of cliques and fights. The facilities were often disgusting. Some of the honors teachers were good but if you were not an honors student, good luck. Not enough push for minority students.
The education here is great. The staff as well as board takes education very seriously and does their best to make sure everyone is in a safe environment. School is very diverse as well.
Piscataway High school is a good school. This school has a lot of experience and it always welcomes new students with a smile. It might seem intimidating at first but once the freshmen year goes by then one can say that this high school is mine.
Being able to attend Piscataway High School for all four years has truly been a great experience. I learned so much about myself and those around me within the years. I had teachers who encouraged me do to better and who believed in me. Although school got challenging at time, my teachers were always there to help me. Also, Piscataway High School has made it easier for me to get ready for college. Most of my classes use college concepts and also offers college credits. Piscataway High School also offers many different club and activities that everyone can participate in, so therefore no one is left out. During these four years, Piscataway High School has truly left like a home and a big family.
I like the diversity and there are numerous clubs and activities to choose from and participate. In addition, the learning opportunities are available where you can take advanced / AP class or if struggling, there are resources and extra help before, during or after class. Piscataway district gives you a sense of community.
Piscataway High School was a good learning experience for me. I enjoyed high school and I liked all my teachers. I've created some great friendships I still have two years after graduating and I enjoyed all the social events as well as playing volleyball there.
I like how some teachers (especially those who teach junior and senior level courses) treat you as if you are an adult--they do not hold your hand throughout their class, instead treating you as if you were already in college. This benefited me greatly as I improved my time management and cut down on my procrastination. The only thing I do not enjoy about this school is their food at times and the cramped hallways in one building that makes it difficult to get to class on time. Other than that, my four years spent here have been decent with few complaints.
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I feel lucky to have gone to Piscataway High School. Not only is its student body diverse in terms of race, religion, sexuality, etc. but also in thought. There are excellent teachers and an array of extracurricular activities available to students. I had tons of opportunities here, especially for a public school. Unfortunately, I see PHS prescribing to the growing trend of underfunding the arts in favor of sports programs. I'd like to see better support of all extracurricular activities.
Overall, Piscataway High School is a great place for opportunities. Ranging from sports to clubs to the academic leagues, students are able to choose which path of success they want to take. They are able to do all of this with their safety ensured. The counselors at Piscataway High School are always ready to help with the college application process and do not fail to follow up through acceptance.
Piscataway High School, a large and diverse community, prepares all students to develop their intellectual, aesthetic, social, and physical abilities in a safe and caring environment by providing outstanding, comprehensive learning opportunities through which students define skills and concepts, acquire knowledge, achieve personal excellence, realize their unique gifts, and become responsible citizens.
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