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Piscataquis Community Secondary School Reviews

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The teachers really care about you and your education. They’re always willing to help you and if you need any more help they’ll schedule times to sit down and work through your work with you. Everyone knows everyone at the school so you always have someone to talk to. Our principal always shows he cares and always tries to get involved with the students including teaching a class and being the teacher for a club so that we can have someone to supervise.
The community is full of wonderful, caring people, and the faculty really does care about the students. The teaching methods through each class vary to fit many students, but some find certain curriculums still troubling. The food is extremely poor, though the kitchen staff are super nice and welcoming. The sports teams and small, yet strong and specialized.

Equipped with an anonymous reporting system (for bullying or other tell-tales) and almost every drill imaginable for this part of the state, the school is decently safe.

There are plenty of outlets in each room to allow technological educated learning, and many desks/tables to accommodate students.
I became close with most of my teachers during my High School career. They were involved, as much as they possibly could be. They have a good sense of humor which you need in the teaching world, to keep the children entertained and intact with the lesson. Of course, some of them do get off topic a lot, letting the kids rule the reigns in the classroom, which is something that would need to be worked on.
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They are pretty good :)
Before school even starts, the buses drop off kids to a locked door that takes five minutes to get the attention of the secretary to open. It's very annoying for EVERYONE. I guess it is safe, though...

The amount of drills we hold is fair and our procedures in case of an emergency are pretty spot on, though some rooms may be safer than others. Our team of faculty to treat emergencies and students are qualified and very trustworthy people who are noted by their degrees and impeccable ability to communicate.

However, there are a lot of blind spots in what could be a much stronger defense to keep everyone safe...
The foreign language teacher is indeed foreign. The teacher shows lack of ability to connect with the students as well as find a method of teaching that engages the language and culture of a country, but also engages the students, who are more often than not staring at a spot on their desk as they attempt to take in something foreign. Literally.

It is believe that the health teacher gives out easy grades, too.
A major problem is funding for most classes. Classes that aren't core tend to hold fundraising events to get the money they need to treat the students, especially the art and music departments. However, the biggest problem is the environment in the foreign language department. The teacher fails to communicate with students and I believe is overwhelmed with the schedule and all of the classes.
We just started a Dungeons & Dragons club as well as a more advanced drama club. Both of these new options are bound to grow in the future. Key Club and the athletics are as strong as ever and the music department continues to grow in students and skill. Civil Rights has fallen short due to the main advisor leaving for maternity, but once she's back, it will flourish just like the past years.
This school has made me the person that I am today. I have made so many great friends and the teachers have pushed me to do my very best even when I feel I cannot handle any more work load. I can honestly say that in my senior year without some of the teachers of Piscataquis Community Secomdary School I wouldn't be in the last year to graduate.
Majority of the teachers are genuine and fun. The school is unique, but seems to still be carving out the curriculum over the last few years. There are many more ways to reward students, but also a lot more ways of disciplining students. Lockers are stacked, which can be awkward for some students. Middle-schoolers frolic around high-schoolers as it is now turning into a cohesive unit. Nothing exciting happens and there are rarely ever field trips.
Due to the schools low enrollment, some sports have to have players that swing between junior varsity and varsity games. The facilities are well taken care of. The local organizations have made donations for upgrades. For example, the track field has a rubber track and new drainage. The sports booster organization,(parents of the players run the concession stands) pay for scholarships, warm up uniforms, score signs, and many other things for the teams. However, this organization is in jeopardy of disbanding because parents work out of the area and there is not enough support to keep the organization going. The crowds that come to the games aren't what they use to be, but the family structures have changed with people traveling to work and two parents needing to work so they can't always get to see the games their kids are playing in. However, we still have a fairly large turn out with grandparents and the citizens who come to support the school and the kids. The kids seem to enjoy what they do and that really is all that counts.
This school is in central Maine, where there is a decline in families and children. Many of the teacher's are nearing retirement and are "putting their time in". Like in any school you have some teachers who really care about the quality of education their students are receiving. They keep up on the newest teaching styles and processes. While other teachers just simply get through their day. Don't get me wrong my children have had some really great teachers.

However, if a child has the drive and the desire to learn, they have the opportunity to take advance classes. Chelsea has been lucky enough to take part in a gifted and talented program in middle school and in high school has taken advance placement classes. This was all of her own doing and requesting more challenging classes.
One thing about this school is that the communication is horrible. We have a dress code, but it's really not enforced. Teachers would rather not have the parents involved, unless it is raising money for events that might be taking place. We have had different principals, they don't stay long. They try to be very involved. Their time is spent on more political items than with the kids and getting the school on it's feet. The guidance counselor is really no help at all. My mom had had to keep going in to check on classes and things. My college transcript didn't get sent in when they said and it could have cost me my acceptance to school.
I do not know any other type of school. We are a school that has students from the towns of Abbot, Guilford, Sangerville, Wellington, Parkman, and Willimantic. We have a Elementary school that covers grades Pre-K to sixth. The high school has 7th grade to the Senior class. This school is nice in one way because we are small and you make friends that will last a life time compared to larger schools where you might now know all the children in your school. There is a smaller student teacher ratio so getting extra help is easy to do. I was able to take advanced classes which will help me in my college adventure. On the other hand, a larger school would have more options for students to advance, be part of the high school community and more choices for classes to be taken. I don't think I would change anything if I were to do it all over again because I wouldn't be the person I am today if I changed the school. Would I be a better person if I had different experiences, perhaps, but I am who I am now because of my experiences.
There are a few clubs here, but mostly the students participate in sports. Again we have very few children enrolled in school so we don't really have enough student body to have clubs and sports. As it is there are times that we don't have enough students playing sports so the varsity players swing down to the junior varsity so they can complete their games.

We also have a small teaching staff, therefore you don't have the staff to run any extra clubs for students to be involved with.
Our school is in the country and very,very small. The district has a total less than 500 students, Pre-K to Senior class. Doors were never locked and people came and went all day long. This all changed when schools like Sandy Hook School suffered terrible tragedies. The school district added an intercom-buzzer system and the doors are locked when school begins each day. In the past we had "bomb" threats but they never required the police or fire departments. Again this changed when other schools in the U.S. suffered attacks. We now have stick guidelines and procedures for any kind of situation. Bomb threats are taken extremely seriously and all children are removed from the school and the safety school goes into lock down. Messages are sent to all parents keeping them updated on the situation.

With the big push for children eating better and more exercise programs needed, our school has removed vending machines for soda, chips and candy. The only vending machines that are in the schools now are ones that dispense vita waters, plain water, juices, and other flavored waters. The children have the option of eating breakfast at the schools in the morning at no extra cost to the parents. At noon time, the children have more food options, which allows children to eat more of what they like instead of having all the same meals for everyone. With children being able to pick what they like, we have less food being thrown away. For the younger grades, our school has teamed up with the local food pantry in an effort to keep kids fed even over the weekend. The program is called the "Backpack" program. Each child, who qualifies, gets a back pack of food on Friday with enough food for meals over the week-end. On Monday the back packs are returned to be refilled.

In my opinion, our schools are very safe. We don't have a large population so we do not have "gangs" like big cities do. Everyone here knows everyone and although we don't always get a long, we don't see violence.
The curriculum is slowly being added on to. I believe students are not getting all the education needed to be prepared for college. There isn't enough teachers to have many different classes. The workload aside from AP classes is way too easy in my opinion. There isn't too much of a challenge for the students.
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Teachers are passionate at what they do and try to engage the student body, regardless of academic standing, in learning outside of school and participate in class as well. They try to encourage that every student's voice matters
The school has made some very good changes for the security in the past year.
Dress code is not always enforced, new guidance counselor seems overwhelmed.
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