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The thing that I liked most about Piqua High School was the ability to take college credit plus classes as a high school student. This opportunity allowed me to save an entire year of college tuition because I was able to enter college with a whole year of schooling completed. The worst thing about Piqua High School was the lack of nationwide programs, like DECA, that were offered. I felt like there weren't enough programs to prepare me for college.
Overall my experience was fine. I had plenty of opportunity to join clubs, further my education, and choose my extra curricular activities.
My experience throughout high school at Piqua High School was as I expected to be, a lot of drama and cliques being made. The down side to Piqua High School is that it did not teach me college readiness and therefore I wasn't prepared when it came time to go away to college. The change I would like to see being made is preparing current high school students for college with certain materials they may need or may need to understand for the college level. I feel as if the staff would take their time in showing interest, the students will too.
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I loved how dedicated and friendly most of my teachers were. I enjoyed classes where we strayed from the lesson plan occasionally to have deep, philosophical conversations. They gave their best effort trying to help me, never shaming me for not grasping a lesson. Even my AP teachers, who pushed me the hardest, never gave me than I could take. Under their care, I flourished, actually delighting in the complex concepts and assignments they gave me. I felt like my teachers were people, not just authority figures. However, that glowing review doesn't apply to all. I've had a few teachers who couldn't care less about their students, and it made learning difficult. I even had one who refused to put forth more than the bare minimum and never helped us, even when asked. I hope that Piqua High School will take it upon itself to toss out these teachers. I learned nothing from them except how to look up answers for homework that I didn't understand and couldn't get help with.
Piqua high school wad a pretty good place to go to school. You could leaden new things and John all kinds of different clubs and sports. You could also go to the career school to learn a trade for your future.
Piqua High School is sort of a small town high school. It is really well at keeping students active and organized. They have a great variety of levels of classes that you can choose from and they do well at making sure you are doing well in those classes.
I would like to see the teachers and Facility change, I dont feel that teachers prepare you for college and many resources are not provided.
I like how some of the teachers are very supportive and want you to succeed. I think that more teachers should be more into teaching and less about the money.
The experience at Piqua High School has gone down over my past few years. Although we have nice teachers/ staff they seem to lack motivation and the urge to help. Most, strictly teach to become a coach and for money.
I loved how caring the teachers were. I also saw it as a place with many opportunities and clubs to help one become a leader. I disliked how many AP classes one could take because I like challenging myself and so I took a ridiculous amount of them. I think there should be fewer AP classes. But I completely loved my friends, and I wish I had more time for "fun" things but I know I would not have changed a thing. I honestly know that I will be able to make a positive impact on the world thanks to PHS. It honestly was whatever you chose to make out of it. So try to have fun and do as much as you can.
I believe Piqua High School is a decent school, but it lacks motivated teachers. Many of them care little about the education of their students, preferring to sit in the back of the room on their phone while students read a text book chapter.
Many students are not accepting of change due to their parents values.
Sometimes bullying is not taken seriously.
There are a plethora of things to join.
A few teachers are the only thing that holds the school together.
There are a few that stand out
Our school has a very high safety policy. There are cameras at each door and all throughout the hallways. Every month we preform lock downs and tornado warnings. So we are always prepared for the worse and unexpected.
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The student body is very involved in extracurricular activities. Most activities are well put together and ran very smoothy. These activities normally put together fundraisers to help raise money for the school. For example, Student Council organizes Homecoming and many school events.
This school has been a great experience for my high school career. I wouldn't want to change going there or my high school years in any way. The people I have met and grew up with and the life lessons I have made at this school are things that I will keep close to my heart forever.
There are only a few teachers at our school that seem to actually know the material that they are teaching. Most of the teachers give their students paperwork so that way they do not have to teach the class. This leaves students very confused and discouraged, especially when the students are given tests over the material.
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