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I appreciated all that my teachers there did for me. Some of them really cared and wanted me and my fellow students to succeed. Other are only there because they need the job or have tenure so don't really care what happens. Pipestone cares a lot about their sports (but only some of them) and doesn't do much for the arts (choir, band, one act play, speech, etc.). The school is starting to become more diverse, with a high hispanic population, but a majority of the teachers are white, and any diversity is usually in the janitorial or kitchen areas of the school. All of this aside, I was content about going to school there as it provided me with enough opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school, which gave me a leg up for college.
Overall high school here at Pipestone has been a very good experience. The teachers and atmosphere of learning is wonderful. They push you to reach the best of your ability in school and in life. Also, there is many options for extracurricular activities here including sports and other things too. This gets everyone involved in something!
Something I loved about attending Pipestone Senior High School was that I was able to personally connect with all of my teachers. They were very flexible to students schedules if the student was willing to give effort. I would love to see more bonding between the students.
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It is a small school which allows the students to find help very easily. The teachers and assistants are very willing to help students before, during, and after school hours.
The school does a good job with safety measures.
We have a variety of organizations, but most of the student body gravitates towards sports.
I enjoyed this school because of the classes that I chose to take. I would say that that is the biggest determining factor when it comes to experience at Pipestone.
Most of the staff are effective communicators that care for the students. However, there are a few that lack communication skills or the will to put forth the effort required to pass on knowledge to kids.
I think, overall, we have an okay administration. Our principal is a kind and reserved man, but it seems like he doesn't spend much time knowing the students to his fullest extent - he reminds me of an introvert. Our superintendent is also kind, but he seems to make some poor decisions.
The teachers are awesome for the upper level courses, but for some of the courses that are core curriculum, they are forced to be dumbed down to a level that everyone is able to pass. The teachers that don't dumb down their courses end up with students who take the same course 3 years in a row. The school offers PSEO which is a good option for students who want to college courses that aren't offered in the high school.
I can honestly say that I love some of my teachers. They really care about making the students the best that they can possibly be. There are several new teachers that don't really understand what real teaching actually is though.
The extracurriculars are all mainly sports. The teams that aren't sports don't get the funding or support from the school that sports teams get.
The school offers a lot of great classes, but students have a hard time deciding because our guidance counselor isn't the most helpful. There isn't any tutoring or other things to help struggling students and the ICU program has obviously not been working.
The food is pretty good. Because of Michelle Obama, we had to get healthier food options and the quality of the food has gone down, so have the serving sizes.
The sports are okay other that the fact that younger students are coming up to take the spots that older kids have been working on for years to be able to have. I mean, come on, an eighth grader on varsity?
We live in a small community in a rural area, so our school is as diverse as the local population is.
Our school's ICU program has taken the responsibility of getting work done away from the students and given it to the teachers. Students no longer feel as if they have to try to do their work on time because there are no consequences for not getting it done on time.
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I like coming to school because of my teachers and my friends. My teachers have helped me realize what I would like to do for a career.
We no longer have an on-campus police officer and the school administrators do very little to discipline students who have disregarded the rules.
I was a very motivated student so being prepared for college was not hard for me to achieve. Others may not have been so lucky though.
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