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I really enjoyed the different activities that are offered at Piper High which allows the students to express themselves.
Piper is a good school but they need a lot of improvement in the school, especially the maintenance in the school.
My experience at Piper High School is amazing. I feel comfortable and i also feel that i have accomplished a lot.
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What I like about Piper High School is teachers are often very lenient when it comes to accepting late work. On the other hand there are some teachers who are often completely unreasonable and too harsh on their students. Piper could use funds to make much needed updates around the campus that could pose as A safety hazard for it's students such as a leaky roof.
I really enjoyed Piper high school. It was very racially diverse, and offered a different story with every student. Everyone is very kind in this highschool. It has had some controversies in the past, but those are one off events.
My name is Wesdida currently i am a senior. Out of all my years in high school at piper one thing i can say about is that they care for your education. They may annoy you but their only doing the right thing. They offer you tutors. after school programs and more to get you on the track that you need to be.
Its fine, teachers are okay, the clubs are great, and the academics are good. There are many upsides such as the vast fields for sports, the Music programs, JORTC, and the time the school starts. There are also man opportunities to help the community through school sponsored events.
the school is something that is one of a kind, the teacher staff do not base their learning on teaching and helping and enforcing that all students are getting what they or being a great teacher. but forcing information and expecting students to know and to be able to understand material on there own time. but not everybody is able to do that. the rest of school staff is just unorganized and unprofessional. the clubs, friends and finding your outlets are the only ways to feel happy here.
Piper high school is a great school and i love the teachers i learned so much from them and i recommend going to piper.
I love that the teachers are so understanding, and are willing to spend hours making sure you understand what is being taught.
This school is horrible! The office staff is very rude, you cannot even call the school without the receptionist answering the phone like she hate her job. They allowed my child to enroll herself after I withdrew her and put her in another school(which was also a disaster). I notice negative changes in my child's behavior such as, dropped grades, and very poor respect for authority. The student body is a disgrace. While going into the school to discuss issues, you see kids skipping, making out, selling drugs, and solicitation of young girls . I put her in drill team to keep her occupied on something positive, but the band teacher and his wife are extremely ghetto and unprofessional. The things you hear are very shocking, and I was even approached, because the students that were skipping thought I was a student. Send your kid anywhere but here, I believe this is the worst school in Broward County. And not to mention I lost my child in this school.
The school itself has a very good feel but the students should be treated with more discipline. I believe that there are many bright students with a lot of potential but they are not essentially told to use it.
at Piper I had many good experiences with teachers, lunch ladies, administration, and students. they are friendly and very helpful.
Piper high school wasn't always reviewed as the best school. However after having our lovely principle Mr.Gomez, Piper definitely had a turn around and became much better. He is a very involved and caring principle and that's exactly what piper needed. The only thing i would change about piper is having more electives like asl, photography, early childhood, and other new electives and have more classes that relate to life after high school because were really focused on tests in high school and not key things we have to do in life like taxes and college and future careers.
I'm ascending senior in Piper High School. The four years i've been to this school, I don't regret going to this school. I know for a fact, I wouldn't want to be at another high school. The principal is amazing and makes sure that all students attending his school are beyond happy. The counselors are very helpful and gotten me in many dual enrollment programs that I am grateful for.
Piper high school is a school full of activities, full of joy. i had the oppurtunity to have such a great principal and such great teachers even if i didn't know it then. Every single person that i've met taught me something. It's a great school , the staff are very involved with their students and i think that's great.
Piper High School is not very clean and everyone, including employees and students, do not care about the school. The school does offer AP and Dual Enrollment classes for students and makes an attempt to help them graduate.
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The principal of piper high school in 2018 is the best principal i have ever had. He cares for every student and at the end of the day he is at the gate to tell everyone goodbye . Over at the school it was a good experience.just typical high school stuff. Some teachers are unfair though
What I like about Piper High school was how the teachers and staff care about you and how our principal does everything in his might to make sure his students are ok. I love how I can feel at home at piper, the administrators are awesome to kids.
Mr. Gomez is an extremely good principal. His love for the school and each student is very authentic. Due to Piper's recent reputation before Gomez, the limitations on what students may do is very strict. Security really make the school feel safe though. Piper is a school built on rehabilitation, offering YMCA classes after school, allowing students to make up credits they may have missed and also providing transportation after. The YMCA also provides ACT/SAT prep. All in all, the school is fantastic.
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