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It was a very good school, and I did enjoy my time there. It could have been even better if there were more activities besides sports and a few clubs available to students.
The school was diverse and the teachers were great, they helped out a lot when I needed help and was always there, I could always count on them.
I would like to see the diversity and culture change at Piper.If I could change one main thing at Piper High School, I would change the division and ignorance. To me, these two go hand in hand. I feel as if our school is very divided into its cliques. They aren’t as exaggerated as seen in movies, but cliques are definitely present. Once the student here find themselves in a clique, or even not in a clique, they find themselves judging the others who are not under the same clique or category as them. This creates division within our students, and it’s all because of the ignorance that lies in these students’ minds. This can be fixed by having more school-wide activities.
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Just not a good environment to put kids into. Unless your child is an athlete, or the child's parent is a cop do not expect your children to get help in anyway. Your children's safety is the least of the schools concern.
I enjoyed Piper High School. Many of my teachers have impacted my life greatly and I'm glad to have known them. The only thing i would really change about our school would be the diversity. I feel that diversity can bring many people together and educate us so in the future diversity is what i hope to see.
My 4 years at Piper High School have certainly had its ups and downs. At a young age, I started to notice that Piper wasn't all that I thought it would be because of the prominent racism throughout the school. There was only one black teacher present and the student population of blacks was low, which made me feel a little uncomfortable in my own skin. I noticed that sometimes the teachers would not put in as much effort with students of color and other times they treated us as if we were incapable of doing the work. In my later years, the minority population at Piper rose and this caused me to be more comfortable with myself and my skin. The spark of my confidence and others confidence about racial injustices soon began to surface at Piper, and upset many people in the community. There were many racial incidents that I reported to my staff in hopes of help, and I was let down on numerous occasions. Thankfully, we were able to protest about the racial incidents in our school.
I have had a great experience with Piper High School. The teachers will do anything to help the students be successful. I have been in the Piper school district since preschool and I have never even thought about attending a different school. The administration is always looking better ways to get the students more involved. The teachers have done a great job getting us ready for college. Piper offers a ACT preparation class to help students score better on the ACT. The lunch service at Piper ,in my opinion, is better than most schools. They offer many health options. My overall experience at Piper High School has been great.
Honestly our school is abysmal at anything other than activities and somewhat academics. The kids are rude and racist, the school puts money in ALL the wrong places, and all of the sports teams are sexist in the way that the boys teams always have new uniforms while the girls have to buy their own, and the boys always get the good fields at the high school rather than the dump fields at the elementary school, far away from the high school.
My experience at Piper High has been . As a freshmen student the school was still developing and I was in the middle of it.The school wasn't as diverse as it now when I first started attending it. Now Piper is gradually becoming a more diverse accepting school and is using new ways to improve academics. Through my three years there has been a rise of diverse clubs, college prep classes, technology, and a new class that teaches African American Literature.
I am having a blast of my life in Piper, the teachers are fun to talk to and always willing to help you even when they are busy. They taught me things in new ways I did not think of. They prepared me for college and try their best to put me in a path that will lead me to my success.
Piper High School is an overall amazing school! We take the phrase "no student left behind," very seriously.
The community feel of Piper High School is very strong and you will feel welcome most of the time. Many students have worked within the high school to make it a more open and accepting place, and I only see that growing in the near future.
I've grown up in the Piper School system and am very lucky to have done so. Everyone is friendly and respectful, and that makes a big impact on your confidence in a learning environment. However, I do with some of the material taught at Piper was more global. It is important to learn about the past, but I am also interested in how that past event changed our future, and also how it affected people around the world today.
The school is fairly small, but my experience has been great thus far. Great faculty, great school district.
I like that Piper has a close knit community and that there is a diverse population. I would like to see a change in that the school offers an alternative plan for when a student knowingly can not complete a class.
Really outstanding school district to attend! If you like the "small-town-district-know-your-neighbor", then this is the place for you! The teachers truly care about the students, and the students care about each other. The sports are great and the teams are binded. This is a great place to raise a family in all three schools.
We have started to have a great system for life-skill students who come through our school. They are able to interact a lot with other kids, it is great. One issue we have is bullying policies, my school does not do enough to prevent bullying.
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I always feel safe at Piper. Bullying is not very common.
There are many different clubs and sports to join for outside of school at Piper.
I have been going to Piper for three years and i have had the best experience.
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