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Im In secondary education and this school district was the worst I have ever been to. I have been bullied by teachers and much more. There refused to send me to a program then called DCF on my family. I have life time issues from being in this school district. After they sent me to the greenfield public school district I was assulted by students there. After my mom fighting with this school district for around 7 to 8 years she has finely got me into a better school. So if you are a parent do not send your kid here.
I would like to see a new principle at the school but overall it was a great experience and the school gave me endless opportunities to expand my learning.
My experience at PVRS was not exceptional at all. I love the teachers and students here. I am a straight A student and even though the teachers are nice, they are not very good at their jobs. I took physics and chemistry with the same teacher and I can tell you that I learned absolutely nothing and passed the classes with A's. I also go to school in Western MA, where there is absolutely no diversity. Everybody at my school is white. I think there are approximately 8 black kids at my school and about 5 Asians, myself being one of them. I also do not feel prepared to go to college next year. My guidance councilor is so nice, but I still have no idea what I am doing. I have no idea how to apply for scholarships, financial aid, and grants.
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Great experience until a new superintendent junior year and new administration senior year. Very caring teachers. Small and personalized learning environment.
Pioneer is great for people who need more one on one learning. I know that there are a lot of oppourtunities for a range of in school and out of school activities which I find fantastic since it is such a small community. That being said we do have a small school so everyone does know everyone, which can be a benefit! As far as preparation for college I am not sure how well we are taught to learn independently.
I love the teachers. They are incredible people that want nothing more than to help their students learn and prepare them for their next steps in life.
While highschool basically sucks no matter where you go, this school wasn't that bad. Because of the population was very small everyone got to know each other really well and by my senior year there was very little drama. The teachers were pretty great (even the crazy ones) and the sports, while not league champs every year, were fun and definitely worth the effort. But you might want to stay away from the cafeteria food...
idk man its just idk
There just isnt alot to do. At all.
They took away our wifi like literallu wtf
Some teachers are great, most are only there because they cant be fired.
The school is great overall.
Teachers are creative and care about students.
I enjoyed going to Pioneer for many reasons but a few things about the school and the student body that made me transfer. First, this school did not have Honors programs which did not allow me to expand my learning. Second, the administration at the school felt unwelcoming and judgmental at points. Overall I did feel that Pioneer made me a better person but I am grateful that I transferred to Mohawk Trail Regional High School.
I think that Pioneer has great things going for it. If I were to put it up against the other public high schools in Franklin County I would probably say it's the best. However they have a lot to work on. Many programs need to be strengthened. That being said, I loved my years there, and some of the teachers I had have had a wonderful influence on me, and I will keep in touch with them for life.
Not sure I don't do allot
Feel like i'm at home always make u feel welcome
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Some help some just want to get out
I've done it all my self
There cool, Easy to get along
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